March 2, 2020


Round Rock, TX


Elder Campbell

Group Email 03/02/20 We Put Someone On Date

We put Johny on date to be baptized March 21st! It is more of a soft date and will probably have to be pushed back but either way he says he's ready to be baptized We found 6 people this week which is pretty abnormal for this area. We also got to meet a lot of inactives and talk to an 18 year old boy about going on a mission and he says he really considering itElia got baptized! Elia is the Spanish lady that we refound for the Spanish elders. Sadly we didnt make it to the baptism because we had a busy night. I was told she loved it and is super happy to be a member1 of our new people found is Kris. Kris is super prepared and has been truly humbled to a point where he needs the Gospel. He came to church on Sunday and he absolutely loved it. Rick, a less-active, came to church and says he'll continue to come. Out of the blue Neal, the cinnamon roll guy, showed up to church and bore his testimony and it was super awesome! A pretty good week as far as missionary work goesFunny moments that happened this week: we left a BoM on someone's door mat and as we were about to bike out and leave the BoM comes flying off the balcony. I was more ticked than anything. We had some lady get super offended that we knocked on her door and 2 min after we left her door she told us she called the front office and proceeded to kick us out. We quietly left. Luckily I'm a missionary and now I have to represent Jesus Christ or else that could've gone a lot worseElder Campbell, my trainee, is super awesome and is catching on quickThe Lord's work is sweet. Thanks for all the prayers. Y'all are the best(Also it was my moms bday on the 27th so if you see her wish her a happy bday. I think she's somewhere in her 20's now...)


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