February 3, 2020


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

Elder Iverson's Group Email 02/03/20

Things are going pretty fantabulous in Round Rock/Stony Point. 

As far as finding people goes, we've pulled straight zeroes. The work here isn't as fruitful as it used to be

Good news to combat the previous bad news: we feel like the Lord has been trying to guide our missionary work a different way in this area, so we started to try inactive work. We went through our records and texted every single inactive we have who has a phone number. Now we have 10 more people to go visit and we can reactivate them and also use them to find people to teach! I think that's part of what the Lord wants us to do with this area

Johny: I was on exchanges with Elder Law from Pflugerville. We went over to Johnys without a lesson plan just so i can build a better relationship with him. Turns out that it transitioned into an awesome lesson about priesthood authority and baptism. He said he is ready to be baptized! We didnt put him on date though. I don't think he fully understands why the Book of Mormon and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is so vital other than his knowledge of priesthood power

When I was with Elder Law we ran into someone that the Spanish missionaries have taught a few months back. She only speaks Spanish but we used the little experience we had from high school Spanish to work it out. The Spanish Elders went over the next day and it turns out that she is ready to be baptized! She's taken most of the lessons and was progressing well, but her son got in the way. Now her son is out of the picture and she wants to keep growing in Christ's church 
I love this area, the Elders I live with, the work, and you guys. Thanks for being awesome!


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