January 27, 2020


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

Elder Iverson's Group Email 01/27/20

So on Monday, my loud mouth got us into trouble again. We were at a complex for a return appointment and some hotheaded guy comes up the stairs and says "You know that by being here you are trespassing. There no soliciting here." Elder Dewsnup said "we're not solicitors. We're just here for a return appointment." He gets a little hot and said "You guys were $@!%^*& soliciting at my door last night!" Right before he shuts the door I slip in and say "we're not solicitors". Faster than that door slammed, it swings back open. He comes raging out and gets in Elder Dewsnup's face and starts dropping fbombs left and right. At first I wondered why he was in Elder Dewsnup's face and not mine, but I realized he thought Elder Dewsnup had said it. I tried to tell him but he just raged back in his apt.

After we left the complex and were just chilling on the side of the road, a car driving by gave us what I thought was just a friendly honk from a member, but turned out to be a dad and his son who was like 10 flipping us off. Nice parenting. The love here is real

Another funny thing: we were contacting inactives. I was going up to knock a door but the guy opened it before I could and I scared him. He was very open about claiming he had a husband. In his living room, there was a neon sign that said I ❤ &^$%. It was interesting. Interpret that how you want.

Good news! Our recent convert Nancy was able to go to the temple! She figured it out with the ward by herself which is awesome! She is doing great.

Johnny has been our most progressing investigators. We dropped a bunch of people this week and we've been in a finding drought recently. Hopefully things will start to be on the uphill.

Anyways, the work is super great. The people in Texas are generally pretty nice. I'm really enjoying it out here


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