January 13, 2020


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

Elder Iverson Group email 01-13-20

This week we had tranfsers and luckily I got to stay with Elder Dewsnup. Elder Anderson left for San Antonio and we got Elder Syrett. He likes to hunt and fish also so now are pdays will be more fishing and I'm stoked
The trio is over and we are back on bikes now. I'm so glad to be able to focus on my area again. This week we've had a few investigators starting to really progress but because of covering two areas we have not been able to spend time with the investigators we wanted to
We've had as a lot of interesting door contacts: one lady just opens her door, sees us, screams, slams door; a lot of round dudes open the door shirtless; a guy that said "Satanist, please go away" while pointing at his arm tattoo; a lot of people who want to Bible bash with us; and many many other wacky people
I've seen the Lords timing multiple times on my mission and had a few cool experiences this week. We had one guy we ran into when we were trying to contact a different investigator who really needed a visit from us. He is probably our most progressing investigator, but sadly he will be moving down to San Antonio in the next 2-3 weeks so we'll have to hand him off to some different elders
Pretty uneventful week but I still enjoyed it anyways. It is so awesome to dedicate nearly all my time to the Lord


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