December 23, 2019

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Group email 12-23 Elder Iverson

No pictures this week. Isaac is baptising his first this Saturday! Wahoo!

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This week has been a good one. We got both Kayden and Nancy's baptismal interviews done. They're super prepared for making their first step on the covenant path and it's sweet. Bishop will be baptizing Nancy and Elder Dewsnup is confirming. I'll be giving a talk. I'll be baptizing Kayden and Confirmation is TBD. 
We've met a lot of bashers this week. Luckily we brushed off most of them without them getting too hostile
We had Zone Conference on Tuesday. It was half lecture and half music/crafts so it was pretty fun
After Zone conference we exchanged and I was with Elder Law in Pflugerville. Elder Law is a pretty boring guy but it was an ok exchange. We did mostly tracting. I did make one really snarky comment towards a basher that could've potentially got me into trouble but I repented and apologized to the dude. As I've got better at talking to people it opens up a lot of opportunities for me to say both good stuff and bad stuff but this past week I've learned its ALWAYS better to be Christlike
I know that the Lord provides all of us ways to be missionaries. Something Elder Suarez said when he visited our mission was "your call to be a missionary doesnt end when you get released. It keeps going. Whether it be to your family or to your friends". Thanks for all the love and support. Y'all have a Merry Christmas!


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