November 26, 2019


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

2 months in the field

Welp it's been 2 months in the mission field. Its been so fun. I learn more and more every day but still feel like I'm drowning. Two big pieces of news: 1. I'm not getting transferred and get to finish my training with Elder Dewsnup 2. The Texas San Antonio Mission is cutting in half and the Texas Austin Mission is forming. It comes into effect July 1st. If you're serving in those mission boundaries at that time you'll just stay there

Mon: not much. Just busted my inner tube on my back bike tire

Tue: more drywall patches. Had dinner with a cool old couple

Wed: Had a long district council on object lessons. Dinner with another cool family. We found 3 people that night. None of which were in our area so they'll turn into referrals for someone else

Thur: Went fishing while we weekly planned. Most effective weekly planning this far. Seriously we got so much done. I caught my first Texas fish. Elder dewsnup caught a fish and foul hooked a turtle. Luckily it wasn't a giant 20 lbs alligator snapping turtle we saw earlier. We also taught some people while we were fishing. We had dinner with a cool family. We taught our 9 year old who is on date for Dec 7th. He is really excited

Fri: more drywall patches. We did a church tour with a guy named Johny and it went super well and the Spirit was strong. He was going to come to church on Sunday but he had some family thing he had to go to. we met with Nancy and she wants to push her baptism date back until January. She also may have some minor word of wisdom problems. We also met with Bro Mikolichik and talked about recognizing the Spirit.

Sat: we did a blitz for some sisters. Elder dewsnup and I found 2 people for them. We went finding at some point and the day and I don't remember much honestly. I forgot my journal in the other Elders in our apartments car

Sun: it was cool. Neal came to church on Sunday and even volunteered to work at the Bishop store house on Tuesday. We had dinner with the Low family and I will start practice teaching the lessons with them on wednesdays. After that elder dewsnup had a cool spiritual prompting to go to an apartment complex at the end of our area. We found a guy named Samuel and he wants to learn more about the Plan of Salvation. That'll be fun.

Mon: today is two months. We did our normal shopping. We went fishing again and it was soooooo frustrating. It sucked. I didnt catch anything despite the tons of fish. This school of about 7 10 lbs carp swam right by my worm and did not even take a glance. Two other elders had the same luck as me and Elder rice for some reason caught like 7 little pan fish

The mission is good and it's such a privilege to be working with the Lord to gather Zion. Seeing the Spirit touch people is so awesome to see


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