November 18, 2019


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

11-18-2019 group email

Another awesome week in Round Rock, Texas! The highlights again if you don't want to read the whole thing: hail storm (Monday), Wenesday, putting Kayden on date (Friday), and conclusion

Monday: We did some more fishing which was unsuccessful. It was a super cold and rainy day. When pday ended at 6:00 Elder Dewsnup and me decided to bike to the end of our area. WORST IDEA EVER! It was so stinking cold and windy. It was 30° which doesn't seem that bad but it does when it's raining and hailing. The hail felt like little airsoft guns hitting me in the face. The wind got so bad that sometimes our bikes would just stop moving forward and we lost balance and had to walk. It was also an unsuccessful night

Tuesday: It was another cold night but luckily no rain. We contacted a few people and gave some nonmember a priesthood blessing

Wednesday: It was exchanges. I was with the other new Elder in my room. His name is Elder Anderson and he's on a Spanish speaking mission. We had district council in the morning, and I gave a training on recognizing the Spirit. Later I was finding with Elder Anderson and we found this guy in the park. I asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ and he said only if he could share a message about Satan. Of course I wanted to hear what this guy had so I said yes. On our way over to him he chanted "Hail Satan! Hail Satan!". We started to talk but he just kept whipping all this false doctrine about how God is just in it for the power. We saw it wasn't going anywhere so we parted ways. We went to dinner with a member at Pok-e-Joes bbq which was super good. We talked about Chiasmas in the BoM. Later we went knocking doors at an apt complex. We gave out some stuff and what not. I told Elder Anderson that I wanted him to pick the next building according to what the Spirit told him. He settled in a random number and we went. No one answered until the last door. Her name was Vanessa and she just moved from New York and was looking for a new religion. She seemed super excited to hear from us next. It was awesome and spiritual.

Thursday: had service and worked on drywall patches again. Later that night we met an inactive who changed her beliefs into reincarnation. It was strange...

Friday: more drywall patches. We saw like a 17" large mouth bass in a creek. It was awesome. We put our 9 year old on date so now we have Kayden and Nancy back to back Saturdays dec 7th and dec 14th

Saturday: 1 month in Texas! Went to a Spanish baptism. This lady forced us into a Bible bash and for some reason thought she knew everything about the church. She was so wrong and we completely wrecked her. We did try to leave like 6 times but she was very persistent in getting her point across

Sunday: it was a pretty normal Sunday. We went to our two wards. We met with Phil later and came up with a plan for him to keep his faith while he waits until he is 18 to get baptized

We've been finding a lot of people and so things are looking up. We have both my and Elder Dewsnups first church tour this week. We have two of them! Vanessa and some random mom we met like the 2nd week I was here. The work is progressing. The Lord is gathering His children, and it's so awesome I get to be a part of it. I love you guys. Thanks for the support.


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