November 11, 2019


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

11-11-2019 group email

This week was super awesome. Highlights if you don't want to read the whole thing: Nancy getting put on date and exchanges(Wednesday), John the Rock Slinger to John the Poacher(Thursday), personal study(Saturday), Sunday

Tuesday: We helped a family load a giant hot tub into a trailer. Then they took us to dinner at this cool pizza place which was kinda a miracle because we didnt have one scheduled. After that we went contacting and gave out two BoMs. Then we went and contacted a person of interest who just ghosted us.

Wednesday: We had one on one meetings with President Tveton. He's a super cool guy. We had a cool district council where Elder Dewsnup gave an awesome talk on the story of Lazarus. If you guys ever have the time to do a deep study on that you should. That day we went on exchanges. Elder Dewsnup had to take care of me and two other trainees that day. I went finding with on trainee while Elder Dewnup put Nancy on date for Dec 14th with the other trainee. I was SSSSOOOO jealous. Later that night we swapped trainees and I went to visite Neal and Sue(the cinnamon roll people). It was awesome. It's always super fun to meet with them. The trainee I was with at that point, Elder Anderson, had some cool gift of tongue moments while we street contacted afterwards. He's a Spanish missionary trying who'd been having a tougher time learning Spanish so that was a good confidence booster for him.

Thursday: we had an assistant to the president go on exchanges with one of the elders in my room. He was super cool. We had dinner with this super cool family. They are going to start giving Neal and Sue rides to church on Sunday. We went and met with John the Rock Slinger again and he didn't seem to excited to talk to us. We also found out that his brother is a huge animal poacher but we don't have much evidence except for the fact that he had a tub with a deer head without a tag in his trunk and the fact that he got caught before

Friday: We did regular service at Genie's house in the morning and then later we helped people move in. It was so frustrating because we had to lift 1 big couch up the stairs and 4 dressers and they kept trying to tell us how to do it. They kept getting in the way and made us hold each item on the stairs for at least 5 min each. We were so much more sore than we needed to be. The ride home on bikes was rough. We later met with Bro Mikolichik and dug into some deep doctrine.

Saturday: I had a super cool personal study on 3 Nephi 17&18. It was so cool and I highly suggest you read it. We stopped by John again and he ghosted us so that sucked, but a few houses down we contacted a guy who's been looking for a religion so that was awesome. We went to eat dinner with another super cool family. We later biked to the end of my area again without much success.

Sunday: During sacrament meeting elder dewsnup and me got the assignment of holding up signs to let the primary know whether they were singing loud enough or not. We had some fun with that. After both wars we had a ward missionary council thing and two of the ladies in there got really heated which was dumb because they were arguing almost the same exact thing. We went contacting at downtown Round Rock. That was an adventure. We talked to one guy who was super drunk and yelled at Elder Dewsnup for wearing polyester because Jesus didn't wear polyester. He also offered me $20. I was being a little smart with him and poked the bear a bit but he was too drunk to notice except for once. After that we met a guy who wanted to record our contact with him, which didnt actually go through, and he invited us into a bar. I told him I was only 18 but he said he could sneak me in. After that we met this drunk girl who was hard core hitting on Elder Dewsnup. It wasn't a productive night but it was a night we call a big tender mercy. It was comedic relief. We know now that contacting at downtown Round Rock is not effective after 7:30.

Anyways I love you guys so much. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us so much and there is a ton of evidence of that in the scriptures. Thanks for all the support. You guys are awesome


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