November 4, 2019


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

Group email week 6

The weeks are getting quicker! It has been a blast in the mission field and I'm starting to get accustomed to mission life. The email will be decently long. The highlights are: Crazy John(Halloween), Nancy(1st day of November), Saturday, and Sunday night

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference. It was a 7 hour meeting about rules and how to be better missionaries. My companion Elder Dewsnup was sick the entire time so it was real rough on him. That night one of the priests from our area came with us to teach. We talked to this one guy who seemed pretty interested.

On Wednesday we visited an inactive member. He has a super strong testimony but for some reason doesn't come to church. He has a wife that doesn't like the church so that's probably part of it. On our ride back we found a guy named John and got a return appointment with him for the next day. At our dinner that night Nancy, one of our investigators, came. She is super cool.

Halloween: We did service most of the morning. I removed and patched up drywall mostly. After that we had a lesson with Crazy John, aka John the rock slinger. He was this really crazy dude we met the day before. In our lesson he told us about multiple occasions where Jesus told him to throw rocks at people. Specifically last week in Dallas. He threw rocks at a guy he thought was Satan as instructed by Jesus and Arch Angel Michael. He missed twice but finally pegged him and ran for it. We thought the lesson would turn out weird but he actually liked our message and wants to learn more. We taught him the Restoration and also to not throw rocks at people. Also what a real spiritual promoting is. After that we attended a Halloween party/dinner.

1st day of November: We met with Nancy again. We talked about the BoM which was always super awesome. She says once she gets a witness of the BoM she'll be baptized. If a full witness was the sun over the horizon, she says she can see the ray's of light coming up. So that's super exciting! We ate dinner with one of our recent convert couples who are waiting to take temple prep classes. The husband sang us a rock song in his studio. Also we had a lesson with Bro Mikolichik and had some deep doctrine study in 1 Nephi 13. That chapter is a witness to me that prophecy is real. It talks about Columbus and the Revolutionary War. It has some cool stuff and you should check it out

Saturday: We went finding and found a guy named Bryan who took a BoM and gave him a pass along card. We didnt exchange numbers though so I'm hoping the Spirit will guide him to call us. We found a guy later that night using promptings of the Spirit. He took a BoM and a card also

Sunday: The morning was a little long but it was all good. One lady bore her testimony about depression for half an hour. One random nonmember visitor bore his solid testimony on the love of God. We did find a guy who took a BoM and we exchanged numbers. He loved the idea of Christ visiting the Americas...but maybe a bit too much. He said he is going to tell all his Presbyterian friends at church this Wednesday😬. We warned him that they'll tell him he is wrong and that the best information he could get is from the source. He wasn't the brightest fellow so we'll see

Sorry for the long email. The work here is so amazing and I know that this is the restored church of Jesus Christ. I know that this gospel will bless the lives of anyone who seeks out a true witness of it. I love y'all. Hope you're all doing great


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