October 28, 2019


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

1 month..... only 23 to go

This past week has been sweet. On Tuesday we had a lesson with Neil, Sue, and Tiffany (the cinnamon roll people from last week). Tiffany brought her husband Russel, so he got to listen in. We taught the Plan of Salvation lesson. They were super into the lesson and Sue started crying from the Spirit again during a prayer in the middle of the lesson that she requested. They really love the idea of the Plan and how loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are. Hopefully Russel will keep coming to the lessons.

On Wednesday a elder in my room gave an awesome teaching on Shadrach Meshack and Abendigo in Daniel 3:17-18. Those scriptures are a huge example of true faith and being submissive to the Lord's will. We had a lesson with 9 year old Kayden. In attempts to touch his mom with the Spirit, an inactive, we showed them the Tree of Life BoM video. Also Kaydens dad was there and was watching Game 2 of the World Series the whole lesson and it was SUPER hard to focus on the lesson. He participated though so it was good.

On Thursday my mission grandpa Craig Hatch, Elder Dewsnups trainer, came and visited the mission. He was our wheels for the day. We taught Nancy, a 71 y rear old lady who barely looks 50, with him. We just went through the BoM chapters that stuck out to her and also ones we were prompted to share. She already read it through. She says once she gets a witness of the BoM she'll get baptized. After that we went finding and got someone's number for a return appointment. On our way to dinner I felt prompted to stop by this ladies house who we contacted earlier. She wasnt home but we met her roommate Anthony who we got a return appointment with him later that night. We ate dinner with a super chill family. We taught a lesson about the peace the gospel brings to a lady named Meagan who is going through a rough time. After that we met back up with Anthony. He rapped to us about God. It was pretty weird but not bad. Anyways he said he is excited to see us again. It was nice to have a day where we had a ride everywhere.

Friday was my 1 month mark. Its been quite the ride. Its been the longest shortest month I've had in my life. Today we did service for a lady who had a crazy ex husband who destroyed her house. Later that night we went and met with a member that's been going through quite the rough time. We gave him a lesson on Gods love and help. I got to share one of my favorite scriptures: 2 Corinthians 4:17-18. After that we visited a guy named Bro Mikolichik who said something really deep and true:"You can't fully appreciate the brilliance of the stars without darkness". Cool little analogy of afflictions.

On Saturday we went to downtown Round Rock to set find people there. As we were chilling there talking to people some JWs set up about 10 feet away from us. Then some guy came and kicked us out of the plaza we were teaching in. They didnt see the JWs at first but Elder Dewsnup ratted them out so we took them down with us. At the end of the day I gave a blessing to a struggling sister

On Sunday we taught Phil after church. His parents revoked his baptismal date and says he can't get baptized until he is 18 which is a year from now. We street contacted a guy named Lazarus and his girlfriend Hope. I was going to share the message but I felt that Elder Dewsnup should share it on the story of Lazarus and Christs love. It worked out awesome and things are looking good for us meeting him next week. We met another single mom with her kids and we also have her number.

The mission is fun but busy. We have a lot of work to do and I'm excited to see the progress in other people


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