July 6, 2020




Matthew Baer


So this week we started the "40 Day BOM challenge" as a mission. Starting The Book of Mormon 40 day challenge again, I've been reflecting on my experience that I had last year while doing the same challenge, which put me through the refiners fire even more than I was previously. The refiners fire is always hard, but always worth it.

This week flew by! We are working really hard, and we even got to mow someone's lawn!! In europe haha. The grass was up to our knees, and we left it looking like a soccer pitch. It was really cool to serve, and to see hearts soften through service.

Now, as I prepare to go home, I have been thinking a lot about my missionary service, specifically about the things I've learned and the things I want to do for the rest of my life. My top priority is to be obedient to the Lord. In ALL things. For the rest will fall into place as I do so out of complete love to Him, His Son, and those around me.

Obedience is one of the most important principles that the Lord has taught me as I've served out here. Obedience is the way to peace and joy. When we are obedient, we enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost, meaning we have DIRECT access to the Godhead.

For the first half of my mission, I was obedient because I just knew I had to be. During this second half of my mission, I have learned that obedience isn't just doing the right thing because we have to, but its doing the right thing out of love, truly becoming as He is. Submissive to the Father in all things.

In a world that is rapidly changing, it is extremely important to be obedient to God. If we follow the Lord's chosen servants, we will be able to find peace and joy in a world that lacks it.

I have learned much, and I continue to learn everyday. I have truly learned for myself what it means to be obedient. I invite each of you to ponder this question..."What blessings have I seen in my life by being obedient to the Lord?"

As you ponder that question, you will feel God's love and you will feel a greater desire to be obedient to Him in ALL things.

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