June 29, 2020




Matthew Baer

Thy will be done

Another great week!! The time seems to get faster and faster. I'm really striving to live every moment of it to the best of my ability, as I am approaching the end of my 2 year mission. No better way to finish a race then to sprint through it.

At the beginning of the week, we met with a man who we found on Facebook. He apparently has been thinking about Christ and religion a lot recently. He also had a dream that he was supposed to talk with us. We met him in the chapel, and immediately he opened up and asked us what he could do to help us. We immediately invited him to "come and see" and to "come and stay" through baptism. He agreed! We plan on meeting with him more in order to teach the doctrine and prepare him for baptism. As we met with him, I was reminded a lot of Ammon and King Lamoni. Immediately he recognized us as servants of The Lord and would do the things we would tell him. I would say that much like the Sons of Mosiah and the acts of the Apostles, the spirit is working THROUGH us to teach and perform miracles.

Transportation rules just loosened up here, so we should be able to travel more for P-days, so we're pumped!

One quick spiritual thought...I listened to a BYU devo by Elder Maxwell called "Sharing insights from my life". It was amazing. The greatest takeaway for me, was the fact that the only true gift we can give to our Father in Heaven is our will. I've been striving to do that throughout my mission, and will do it throughout my life. My will is swallowed up in His. And I will do my best to keep it that way forever. I invite you all to do the same. The earlier the better.

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