May 19, 2020




Matthew Baer


The first week in Kraków was awesome!! So my new companion is Elder Baer, and we are both in the final months of our missions. President sent us to re-open Kraków to Elders, so both of us haven't served here before.
As our train pulled into Kraków, we grabbed the SIM card and apartment keys from the sisters and then headed over to our apartment with all of our bags. As we got to our apartment, we had the correct building number, but couldn't find the house number. So we tried to get into the building, but none of the keys worked and we didn't know the code...just then, 2 drunk hooligans on the balcony started talking with us and let us in the building. So we went up and started talking with them. They invited us for drinks, but we declined and got their facebooks instead. Who knows, maybe we will baptize them lol! Later, we found out we were in the wrong building, so we got all our stuff and hauled it next door and finally got in. It was am adventure.
The next few days we spent the whole day finding people to teach on Facebook. It's not easy to start from scratch with only using Facebook to find people to teach. But, with hard work, patience, and perseverance, we were able to end up finding 2 new people to teach, and many other potentials. We also have begun serving people by helping them with English online! It's been great to see how the Lord has been blessing us "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little" (2 Nephi 28:30). I know that the Lord will provide us a way to accomplish the things He commands.
For Sunday, we had a pancake breakfast, sacrament, and zoom sunday school at a member's home. It was great! We later gave the sacrament to a sister in our branch. The members here are great!
Hope all is well at home!
If you want to read a good talk, I suggest "Line upon line, precept upon precept" by Elder Bednar. I testify that the Lord, more common than not, answers our prayers by giving us many small answers over a period of time, rather than one BIG answer.
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