April 6, 2020




Elder Wheatley

The Lord loves effort!

Before I speak about conference, I want to share a few experiences of what my week was like, being missionary in Poland during COVID-19...

So all the returning missionaries were able to all get home a week earlier than planned, due to limited flights. But the process of getting them there, was the tricky part.

So all the missionaries arrived at the train station at the same time, and we aren't allowed in groups larger than 2 people. And a new rule recently came out that we have to be 2 meters apart at all times outside...interesting times. The station was flooded with police. I talked a little about this last week, but yeah we snuck everyone to the van while wearing regular clothes and spreading out haha. Way cool. In the end, everyone made it safe!!

However, one of the missionaries heading home is from Northern Italy. So Elder Wheatley and I were given a special assignment from President to drive him to Zgorzelec (along with his comp, Elder Chugg and the new companion joining him), and assist him in the morning to the boarder, where he would cross to take a taxi, then 2 planes. It was an interesting experience for sure! As we woke up say 3 am, we all went out to the streets to help him cross. Because of the new laws, we trailed them, while avoiding the police haha. At the boarder, there were cops, military personnel, and hazmat dudes checking those entering Poland. However, no one checks people entering Germany, so Elder Puff was able to slip by with no problems. As he crossed, aw shouted "HURRAH GOR ISRAEL" just as a military truck passed by, so we hustled home right after hahaha. It was a day I'll never forget.

I hope you all had a wonderful experience watching General Conference!! I hope that each of you learned many great things by the spirit.

What's really cool is that the words of Christ (scriptures, words of living prophets) tell us all things that we should do, and then The Hoky Ghost shows us all things that we should do. I invite you to ponder about that. Try and work on at least one thing that the Spirit showed unto you until next conference. Ask the Lord for help. Report to Him daily. And strive each day to live according.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, so does the glory of God. It's been an honor and privilege to testify to MANY of the restored Gospel. Before conference, Elder Wheatley and I made a goal to invite at least 100 different individuals to watch. We exceeded that goal, and had several who watched through technology. What a blessing!! The Lord loves effort!

I hope each of you continue to find love, peace, and hope through Christ and family relationships.

Kocham Was

Starszy Edwards


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