January 27, 2020





FOMO and obedience

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great week!

So at the beginning of this past week, we had our Zone Conferences in Wrocław and in Warsaw. During the conference, we discussed obedience, English Connect (our new English teaching program) and FOMO. Haha for those of you who don't know what FOMO is, FOMO stands for "Fear Of Missing Out." Elder Christopherson just gave an excellent devotional on this topic. President Chandler reiterated the importance of being decisive when it comes to decision making, and staying focused on our missionary purpose. The mission goes by way to quick, so there's not enough time to have our minds somewhere else. Also, when we are decisive, we will be able to better live without regret, and enjoy each moment we have. Options are great, but we must choose what we will do, because not choosing any option IS in fact a choice itself. When we choose and then continue on the path, we will be able to be much happier. Sure we miss out on other things, but what's most important is what you have right in front of you (the church, family, friends, career)! So I invite you all to choose to FULLY commit yourselves to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and don't look back. Go ALL IN and enjoy the blessings that come from true discipleship.

I've been focusing a lot on obedience as well. Obedience has really been something that has turned into a desire for me rather than a burden. Sometimes we may feel that obedience to the commandments and to the Lord can be restricting, but obedience gives us power and freedom. Being obedient to the Lord is one of the best ways we can show we love him! Let us all continue to live in obedience to the Lord's commandments.

We also had opportunities this week to meet with more people that we found on Facebook! We were even able to have a meeting with a guy who is having a really hard time in his life, and we were there just in time to represent the Lord and bring the gospel for him! We hope to continue meeting with him! We also met a cool guy who is searching for truth and trying to overcome his doubts! Facebook again proves worthy of a tool to use in the great work!

We were also able to help serve the young men by teaching them how to iron, shine shoes, sew, etc. It was way fun! Young men - learn how to do stuff hahah.

Overall the week was amazing! We had a lot of finding time on the streets this week, which was well spent feeling the spirit of the restoration! It's a great time to declare the word of God! We actually felt prompted to visit an investigator this week at a certain time, so we showed up to his dorm, and he was unfortunately out of town, but his older brother was there. He told us that he is rarely at home, and if he is, he jams to music on his earphones and doesn't hear anything, but we happened to catch him at the right time! We were able to teach him and read the Book of Mormon with him. He was taught in the past by the Elders, and he felt the spirit again! We plan to teach him again.

All things are great! We are on the last week of Elder McArthur's mission, so it's go time! I'm honored to be able to sprint with him to the finish line, and then keep sprinting towards mine. I love the mission and I love the Lord.

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