October 21, 2019





Travel, conference & exchanges

We had an awesome week, filled with road trips, conferences, and exchanges.

Elder McArthur and I started the week out by traveling down to Wrocław for the South Zone Conference. It was good to see a lot of old friends, and to help President teach and implement the doctrine of goal setting! Recently we have been focusing on setting effective goals that help us accomplish our vision, which is to bring others closer to Christ. Even more specifically, we talked about self-commitnent to each goal that we set, making sure we follow up and return and report our progress. When we commit ourselves to any given goal, we will never give up, until we have accomplished the thing which we set to do, just like Nephi and the plates. I challenge you all to keep yourself committed to every goal you choose to set.

The next day, we did a similar zone conference in Warsaw. It has been awesome being able to attend each zone conference, helping President and the missionaries. Right after Zone Conference, we started exchanges with the Zone Leaders from Gdansk. Shortly after the conference, Elder Long and I began talking with people.

We had a lot of experiences in such a short time as well. As we were contacting, we found that 2 ladies thar were locked within the gates of the cemetary..perfect timing with Halloween approaching haha, but we helped them out, and eventually the cops came and took the situation over. Then we kept walking, and later felt prompted to cross the street, so we did, and stopped a man who told us he didn't believe in God and never has. We then went a bit further, and spoke to a man who immediately exchanged numbers with us and wanted to meet..2 very different extremes..and kept moving on. Then all of a sudden, the man that breezed by us and told us he doesn't believe in God, returned and told us he lied, and that he did believe in God, and is questioning everything right now, and doesn't know what to do in his life, as a result of recent drastic events. We testified of Christ, he began to cry, he hugged us, and we set up a future meeting to help him. The Lord never gives up on people.

The exchanges went great, and we all worked super hard, focusing on goal setting and creative finding efforts.

On Saturday, Elder McArthur and I played soccer and basketball with a bunch of non members! We've been playing with a lot of French guys recently, and even went and ate lunch with 2 younger guys today, who are interested. I gotta get my French skills back up haha.

The work has been moving! We were able to set two baptismal dates this past week (we will confirm the date this Tuesday) one from a guy we are teaching here, and one that I taught in Legnica, who I continue to teach over Messenger! The Lord continues to bless the people here, and I see His hand daily.

Remember to hold tight to the Iron Rod during these latter-days!

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