July 1, 2019




Elder Theobald

Heat Wave!

Hey everyone!! Haha I thought Poland would be cold the whole time, but now it's about 36°C and humid. I love it. Im finally getting tan after that winter of no sun at all. The Italiano is back peeps. Haha jk

This week was hard work! We didn't have very many meetings, so we were on the streets proclaiming the word about 6-7 hours each day. It's hard work, but hard work pays off, and there's nothing more rewarding than when you're on the winning team, being led by the best captain that ever lived, who is the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It's an honor each day that I get to be a full-time servant of him. I encourage all who are thinking about serving a mission to prepare and choose to serve the Lord and his children. You will never find more joy in any other work.

Some cool experiences happened this week. First off, because of the extreme heat wave this week, I decided to take Elder Theobald trackting in apartment buildings, to get a break from the sun. We prayed and asked the Lord where we should knock. Just then, Elder Theobald had a place in mind, so we went there and he said, "Those two windows." So we walked into the building, whose domophone was broken so we could walk right in, and knocked on the door. A man answered, told us he knows who we are and that he would be down to meet on weekends. It was a miracle!! Unfortunately we returned that weekend and no one answered the door, but I have hope that one of these weekends he will be home and will answer us. The Lord knows who is in need and where we need to find them.

Literally a few minutes later, I felt to go inside another apartment. We tried to enter, but no one would open the door for us through the domophone. Right as we were about to turn around, Elder Theobald again thought of the number 5. So we tried it, and a man answered and opened the door. Surprised, we ran up the apartment complex to his door. Standing at the door was a 90 year old man, half naked, and pretty much deaf. And pretty much dead hahaha. So we talked with him (actually yelled because he couldn't hear, in fact I bet the whole building heard our message), and he wasn't interested in talking about the church, and he didn't need help (he thinks). So we left a card with him, and told him to call if he ever needed something. We'll see what happens...maybe our boys in the spirit world will help him out. Thank goodness for God's Eternal Plan of Happiness.

We met an awesome guy from Egypt this week. Hes opening a restaurant in Legnica, and will give us discounts! Hes a way cool guy, and were gonna help him learn English. He speaks better Polish than English, cuz hes been living here for a long time, but were gonna help him with both English and Polish! As we help serve him, his heart will open, and I hope that will allow the spirit to help testify that we are servants of God.

I heard a quote recently from Elder Eyring a few conferences ago (who was actually quoting someone else), and it goes something like this. "When you meet someone, treat them as if they are in serious trouble, and you'll be right more than half the time." All of us have troubles and worries, and all of us could use each other's help. Theres already enough opposition in this world, we don't need to add more to each others lives. Be quick to forgive, love others, and be like the Savior. I know that by taking the sacrament each week worthily, we can become more like the savior jesus christ, as we take his sacred name upon us, keep his commandments, and always remember him.

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