June 17, 2019




Elder Theobald

Go about doing good

Cześć wam! Everything went good this week in Legnica...except we got sick! But being sick doesn't stop the Lords work, that's for sure. We had a lot of good experiences, and worked hard.

So we decided to do some Area Book work, where we went through a lot of people who had previously been taught. We were able to contact several people, and set up some meetings for the weekend. The Lord never gives up on people. God has a plan for each of us, and often times He reaches out to his children through others. NO EFFORT IS WASTED in the Gospel. Every good work, every invitation, every act of service, anything good that you do is never wasted, because The Lord is mindful of you and everyone else, and has a plan! You never know how much good you actually do.

So this week we tried to flip our mindset, and instead of just running around talking to everyone with our heads cut off, we decided to find opportunities to bring about good to Legnica. As missionaries, we're always looking to serve and do good, but often times I feel like I get caught up in the work and forget to stop and look around for a second, to see who really needs help. So we did just that, and sure enough, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a disabled man attempting to get into his apartment with a lot of bags and things. Of course we offered him a hand, and helped him get into his apartment, with all of his things, and began to talk with him about his life. We ended up leaving a Book of Mormon and setting up a return meeting. Had we not been aware of those around us, and had we not been listening to the spirit, we would've passed right by that apartment and would've missed him. Though we were on doing the things "we planned", going to do something good, we stopped to help the man, and did what "The Lord planned".

Look for ways to help others along your way. Look for things to do, and people to help that are not part of your schedules. Just like the good samaritan, who stopped out of his way to help someone in need...another child of God.

We also had a meeting with the same boy whose arm I broke, and set a baptismal date with him!! And i gave him his Lego set Haha. He'll remember me as the Elder who broke his arm, gave him the coolest Lego set, and then helped baptize him Haha. Were proud of his decision to follow Christ and be baptized.

That weekend, we met with a couple of people from the Area Book, and plan to continue meeting and helping them develop a testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel. One of the meetings was actually in a huge, old, Lutheran Cathedral. He works there at the tourist counter, so that was interesting, and he gave us a private tour of the church.

We also met a man on the streets (who has no phone) that I knew when I was first serving here 8 months ago. It's hard to set up with him because we can't text or call him, but we make it work! Elder Puff and Nielson taught him, and so did Elder Zabriskie and Chugg, but then he got into some anti stuff from a friend and left, but we rediscovered him this week! He also came to church, and we're meeting with him tonight, to see what we can do about getting him to make that step to be baptized.

The week was great, and the work continues to move forward. And I'm so blessed to be apart of it, in fact, each and every one of us are.

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