May 28, 2019





Going back to my birth city!!

Hey everyone!! I hope that everyone had an amazing week, and that you all saw miracles and the hand of the Lord in your lives.

So this week was pretty crazy!! We had the best, last week of the transfer. So we had the opportunity to head up to Gdańsk/Sopot/Gdynia for a baptism! We had to go up there to do the baptismal interview, so we went up there, did the interview, helped move some boxes for one of the oldest members in all of Poland, taught a lesson, and helped lead English class! It was one of the craziest/most fun days I've ever had on my mission.

But it wasn't near as good as the day that followed! So the next day, Elder Wagley (the District Leader in Gdańsk) and I headed up to Gdynia to the guy's house to help him get all dressed in white. First off, the guy who got baptized is just awesome. He and his wife became interested in the church because of all of the "anti-mormon" stuff out there. They thought that if a church has so much attack and misinformation toward it, then they wanted to find out why. So they ordered a Book of Mormon and met with the missionaries, and found out that the church is true and that they needed to be baptized! But she delayed her baptism because she is super pregnant, but he decided to go on with the baptism, so that he could help lead the family and then baptize his wife later! It's such a cool story, and the guy is just the most Texan/Pole I've ever met. He's a real man hahaha. Anyways, then we met his mother, who was wondering why he decided to get baptized, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her the Gospel/Restoration! It was awesome.

Afterwards, we all took cars out to a small beach, and performed the baptism! It was absolutely amazing! The sun was out, we were in suits, and we had a BAPTISM! Elder McArthur and I were the witnesses, and Elder Wagley baptized him. So we had to get into the ocean, and roll up our pants to our knees hahah. It was the best. The spirit was so strong, and we were at the beach. Just the best day. The church is true everyone. Then we had a picnic on the beach and ate crepes, and sandwiches. Just the most beautiful day.

Well, the week absolutely flew by, and we got our transfer calls for this transfer too! So I'm going right back down to the South! I'll be training in Legnica!! And the best part is, is that I was trained in Wrocław/Legnica, and now I get to train someone in the same place! It'll be a strange feeling, but I am so excited. I'll be down there training and serving as District Leader! I'm way pumped. My Zone Leaders will be in Wrocław right next to me, and it'll be Starszy Stewart and Zabriskie, both from my MTC group! I'm so excited and I can't wait for this new adventure!

I hope you all have an amazing week. Remember that the Lord has an indivdual plan for each of us, and when we keep His commandments and are obedient, that plan begins to be revealed.


Starszy Edwards


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