May 14, 2019





Happy Mother's Day

Dzień Matki

Howdy everyone! Happy Mother's Day! Shout out to my mom who I love more than anything! Hope you had an amazing day, and I hope all of the other mothers out there did as well.

Everything is going good here in Bydgoszcz! Unfortunately this week we got flaked on just about every single one of our meetings. BUT, just like everything in life, we can either give up, or keep going. So of course, we keep going! When we show the Lord that we are persistent, and hard working, he will always continue to bless us. This week we have been focusing on two things.

1. EXTREMELY high amount of Faith
2. Hard work

Our district has a "motto" this transfer, and it's this...PRAY, THEN WORK...I absolutely love it, and I think it applies to every aspect of our lives. We need to pray, have faith, talk with our Father in Heaven, ask him for help, and then work as hard as we can. He will help us.

This week we went to see an Opera, Romeo and Juliet, with an Investigator for culture night! It was way awesome, even though we had to leave 30 minutes early and interrupt the entire theater hahaha. But it was cool, because the opera was in French, and it had Polish subtitles, so I could understand some of the French, and read the subtitles in Polish! I had a huge headache after, but it was way cool!

This past week the Lord blessed us with Technology in the mission! So now we have SAMSUNGS! It's crazy, and I also have a Facebook haha. I have no idea how to work it yet, but I think that Facebook and technology will help us further the work here in Poland. It's also going to be super helpful, to be able to develop good habits with technology that I can use for the rest of my life. Something I already learned about technology is something super simple, but if I would have applied it earlier in my life, I would have saved so much more time. So, if we treat the smartphone like a tool, as in we pick it up when we need it for a specific purpose, and put it away when we are done using it for that purpose, we will avoid wasting time! It's something so simple, but it's something I never even thought about. Anyways, we're super pumped to have technology in the mission, and I know that as we use it, we can help others come unto Christ.

The work is moving, we're teaching people, finding people, and doing our best each day. I hope you all have an amazing week. (And I'm also becoming a master chef, we made some FRESH salmon and cod this week)

Kocham Was

Starszy Edwards


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