April 8, 2019





Conference and Footy

This week was awesome, and I hope that you all had an amazing week, especially with General Conference weekend! I want you all to know how much Christ loves you. He lived for us, died for us, and overcame every challenge that we have faced and will ever face! He is our Savior and Redeemer, and I am so grateful for all he did for us.

So this week was FULL of soccer hahahah. My dream. So Elder McArthur and I started off the week last Monday by playing footy with a BUNCH of kids ages 8-15. It was wayy fun. So we decided to go walk around the city, and try and find people to play with, so after an hour of searching, and after a nice KFC meal, we found a Boisko. We started playing by ourselves, and then like 20 kids came and joined us hahaha. We then played a huge game, and a bunch of mini Polish soccer games. It was great.

Later in the week, we taught some good lessons, and found a lot of people to teach! We were in Toruń the past Thursday, met with 3 people, and guided our English class that we just started! We had a small turn out, but we plan to grow it as the transfer goes on! Toruń is just great, we found a bunch of people there, and made some cool connections with people, including an American guy who started his own church there, so we plan to meet with him and his family this next week. It'll be great. On the train ride home, we were sat next to a guy named B, who is from Africa. We started talking to him, and we all got super tight. He had some DOPE shoes, and so we bonded over that for sure, and then taught him the whole restoration lesson. He actually came to watch General Conference with us as well! So we're super tight with him, and hope to continue teaching him and helping him receive the restored gospel!

On Saturday, we did a "Park Run 5K", where a bunch of runners from around Bydgoszcz gather together to do a run each week. We met a BUNCH of people, from Ireland all the way to Ukraine, and we're starting to get close with some of the runners. So that was a good time, and then we started asking around, if anyone knew a place where we could play soccer all together, and we found a guy who had an older brother who wanted to play for the local Pro team here in Bydgoszcz, and invited us to all go play later that day. So we decided to go join them! After running home, eating lunch studying the scriptures, and grabbing our proselyting clothes, we ran to the field, and there, we invited a person who's interested, his friends, and the guy we met at the run, with his older brother. Once we got to the field, there were about 20 guys from ALL OVER the world just playing a pick up game. So we asked if they wanted to stay and play another game with us. So we ended up getting a few of those guys to stay as well, and had a 7 v 7 game with people all over the world! It was awesome! They were from India, the Middle East, Poland, Ukraine, Ireland, and all over. It was BEAST, and Elder McArthur and I just DESTROYED because we have the power of God with us. It was the best day. Then we RAN from the field, back to the chapel, took a shower in the chapel bathroom, and then ran to a meeting, where the guy never showed up, so we decided to talk with people on the streets, study, and then start General Conference. It was such a good day.

On Sunday, we watched General Conference in the chapel, and invited SO MANY people, 2 showed up for the first session, but it was worth it! Then we went on the street and talked with people, then we started the next session, where we had 2 people join, both members but it was great! One of the members who joined, lives out in the woods and doesn't have any internet, so he joined us for the day. After that session, we went on the streets with the member from the woods, Wojtek, and we talked with a bunch of people! Wojtek is just a beast, he's an older guy, a hooligan, and speaks Polish and Russian. So he helped us speak with Ukrainians on the street, and was strait up testifying of the Restoration, while hoolie clapping all of his hooligan friends hahaha. It was beast. We then finished off the day by watching the Sunday morning session, which was amazing, where B showed up, and had KRAFT MAC N CHEESE for dinner, sent straight from America. Great day.

Conference was amazing! I noticed a lot of talk focused on the Savior, families, and joining the convenant path...I think because it was all in Polish and it's hard to understand hahaha. Anyways, I know that as we follow the Prophet, and listen to his counsel, that we will be blessed. President Nelson is a prophet of God, and I hope that all of you will join this great work on the Earth, with building the Kingdom of God in preparation for His return. Love you all, and I promise you all that as we put Christ the center of our lives, and follow his example, we will be blessed.

Starszy Edwards


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