November 6, 2018




Starszy Asendrych

Halloween and All Saints Day

This week has been amazing!! I'll start off with Halloween because I love Halloween!! Monday we had a party with our English class students and played "murder in the dark" and other fun Halloween games! It was awesome! We also did a finding activity on the street on Wednesday, and asked people "Czego się Boisz?!" or "What do you fear?" and we had people come write what they fear on the white board, handed out candy, and an ulotki that said "Don't fear, Believe in Christ!". It was an amazing finding activity and we met so many people!! I for sure got in the Halloween spirit here even though hardly anyone celebrates it here hahaha. But thanks to those who sent me packages, I was able to still go crazy and celebrate the typical Halloween!!! I also told all the Polish people about my many Haunted House experiences like ASYLUM 49! (Thank you Hafens for getting me addicted to haunted houses haha) All the Poles loved it, and I told them all scary stories like the story of "Jason Vorhees" and "Freddy Kruger" that my uncle would always tell me haha it was the best! Halloween was awesome!

On November 1, the Poles celebrate All Saints Day. It's amazing! They put lanterns on every grave in Poland and people go and visit their ancestors graves. We were able to go to Osobowicka Cmentarz to see all the lanterns. It was absolutely beautiful. The day before, we attended our members grave who died about a month ago, and help clean other graves. It was an amazing experience, and I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation, that we all get to live with our families for eternity thanks to Jesus Christ. So we actually had a cool experience while we were cleaning and helping people decorate the graves for All Saints Day. It starts last week, when we tried to clean graves, but all the cemeteries kicked us out and wouldn't let us help. We were very frustrated, and ended up wasting 2 hours trying to help clean graves where no one would let us. But, we wanted to try the next week. So the day before All Saints Day, we went to the cemetery where our member was buried. They were the only cemetery that let us help! So we helped a lot of old people clean their husbands/wives/parents graves. As we were about to leave, we saw Wojtek's (the member who died) mother heading to clean his grave. We stopped her, and me and Elder Asendrych ended up helping her clean his grave, and she was extremely thankful. She asked us if we can visit her sometime soon, because she has really been struggling. She is not a member, but we are going to talk to her about the plan, and how families can be together forever! We could now see why we got rejected from each cemetery last week, it was so that we could attend the cemetery that Wojtek was at. I know the Spirit led us there, even though we had no idea. The Lord is always guiding our paths even when we don't know it! And sometimes, he has something different in mind than we do!

This week was just full of tender mercies of the Lord! We were headed to Legnica on the train talking about the Avengers movies cuz my companion hadn't seen the new one, and this lady offered us a pack of mints. I was hesitant at first because I thought they were drugs, but she was just being nice! So we took them and started talking with her. She was so interested that we were missionaries, and explained how her dream was to serve a mission for her church! We got talking, and ended up telling her the whole restoration and plan of salvation. It was nuts! After we got to Legnica, she said that her dad would want to hear about what we had to say, so we talked another 30 minutes with her and her dad, and they kept talking about things in the Bible and we would connect it with the Book of Mormon and they were so interested! They were interested about "the other sheep Christ talked about" and we explained that it was the people in the Americas! They took a book, we all exchanged numbers, and we are going to meet with them in the future! MIRACLE!!!

We also had another miracle! So a couple moths ago, the sisters were teaching a girl named Kasia. She moved to Poznań, but recently returned! They taught her again, and she is thinking about getting baptized the same day as Wiktor!! We may have 2 baptisms the same day! It's awesome!!

Saturday night we had "Noc Kulturalny" where we get 3 hours each transfer to do something cultural!! We decided to go to a Balet!! It was gorgeous and I loved it so much. It was called "Requiem" and we watched it at the Opera Wrocławska. Absolutely stunning!!!

I hope you all have an amazing week and I hope you all had an amazing Halloween! Always remember that God knows the bigger picture... KOCHAM WAS TAK BARDZO


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