October 15, 2018




Starszy Asendrych

funerals, twix and exchanges

Cześć peeps!!! Mówi Starszy Edwards znowu, with another exciting week in Poland!! We started out the week with interviews with President Turek!! It was super nice to see him again!! We had the opportunity to go to Witches Bridge, a little bridge that connects two steeples of this old church!! It was absolutely amazing!! The view was so grogeous. We also had exchanges this week! The zone leaders from Kraków came over to Wrocław to see what we do with our family history finding, because it's been so successful here in Wrocław! The zone leaders are awesome. Their names are Elder Erickson and Elder Marx, from Provo and from Frankfurt! Both super amazing Elders, and I learned a lot from them both.

Polish is a roller coaster, sometimes I understand 100%, sometimes 50%, and sometimes (like my grandpa says), the dogs understand more than I do. But I'm working super hard to speak it, and I know that the Lord will help me. I also learned a really good lesson yesterday. We got invited over to a member familiy's home for dinner! The members are amazing here and are solid. There are about 20 that come to church regularly. Anyways, the family just moved here from Ukraine and they speak like no Polish and no English. So we went over, and we had an amazing (but very small) dinner with dessert, and this super yummy Ukranian milk stuff. They invited us to share a spiritual message, and also "act out" Nephi getting the brass plates. It was an amazing time. We communicated by speaking Polish and them by speaking English back to us. It was super weird how it worked out, but they could understand Polish easier, but could speak English better so it was like this crazy conversation mixture for the whole time! But the family was amazing. They have two little kids, and they live in a super small apartment but are so happy. I learned 2 things. No matter what situation you are in, you can be happy. And also, that the most common and effective language that every person has is through the spirit and light of Christ. We had an amazing time, and it was all through the spirit.

This week was kind of rough for me and especially my companion, because we lost a member of our branch. Last week, we tried to contact him and see if we could visit him and watch conference with him because he was super sick. He wouldn't pick up our calls, and wouldn't answer our texts, which was very strange. So we decided to check up on him. He lived in a shared apartment, just in horrible condition. Very dirty, trash everywhere, smoke staining the walls, and just very old. When we got there, his stuff was all packed against the walls, and nothing was in his room. They told us he died during the weekend, and that the funeral would be on Friday. It was a really big shock for us. He was the first person I taught/met with in Poland in this area, and we had been visiting him weekly and taking the sacrament to his house each week, because he had elefantitis. It was hard, but we knew that he would want us to push forward and keep working hard! So we did just that!! We ended up going to his funeral on Friday, which was organized by his Catholic family, so it was interesting to see an old, traditional, Polish funeral. This only grew my testimony of the Plan of Salvation, knowing that he is now in a state of peace and is progressing the work further in the next life! I know that when we lose those we love, we will see them again. Because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, we can overcome death, and will all be resurrected, and perfected one day. Always do your best in life, and cherish every moment and every second of life!!

The work itself is super good! We are working so hard! I am committed to this work, and committed to helping these people change their lives forever! Later in the week, we met with Wiktor and Julian. Both 18-21 year olds! We went out to a sweet cafe and had some drinks (non alchoholic of course ;) ). It was cool hanging out with native Poles who are our age, and growing close to them! They are both growing so much closer to Christ, and it has brought me so much joy in my life seeing them change their lives step by step. Bringing others closer to Christ brings so much joy, and I challenge you all to help others come unto Christ.

Something cool: TWIX IN A BOTTLE!?? Does that exist in America? Cuz if it does, go buy one right now. I've never ever seen one, so I'm either blind or the whole country is because dang, this TWIX in a bottle was probably the best thing I've ever had. Oh and I'm also becoming a professional cooker out here, I know it's in my blood, but man I'm like cooking up broccoli and chicken and curry and all these spices and sauces, I'm thinking of trying out for like kitchen masters or whatever that show is hahah.

Loads of blessings to you all!! Keep being yourselves and doing the best you can! I love being a missionary, and I love the people of Poland!! DO ZOBACZENIA

Starszy Edwards


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