July 26, 2018




Jared Stewart

MTC week 1

Czesc! Jak Sie Masz? Hey everybody! It is finally my first P Dzien...of course I had to wait more than a week and my laundry pile is literally mount everest, but don't worry I washed it. My first week in the MTC has been great! My companion Starszy Stewart is from England and is awesome! He is just like me actually, and is an actor! He acted in Wonder Woman as one of the germans actually! There are 5 people in my district. Me, Starszy Stewart, Chugg, and Zabriskie, and then Siostra Christensen. We are all having a blast! And now I can bare my testimony, and pray in polish with no notes! The gift of tongues is real my people. Zadoscucynienie is my favorite word which means atonement, and jakotako which means "so so." My branch is also awesome. I have Elder Taylor Mason in my branch and Elder Barney and Elder Gunther all from AF and Lone Peak. We have all gotten so close as a branch and district. We have the ASL, Albanian, Hungarian, German, and us Poles in the zone. It is so much fun having such variety in our residencies all hanging out. We have all made such good friends. In our branch, Elder T, a huge poly from australia, gives us work outs everyday. We are gettin jacked. He is a pro barber, rugby player, and trainer back in australia. He is 24, and is so funny. We have been teaching an investigator named Beata, and me and my companion have taught her 4 times in only polish! It has been awesome! I miss you all so much! Til next week... Starszy Edwards


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