July 31, 2017


Saginaw, MI


Elder Proudfoot

Farewell to the best 2 years!

Hey everyone! Got one more email for y'all, cant believe I am at this point, my mission has gone by real fast. But I have enjoyed every minute of being out in full-time service to my God. It has been a journey of trials and testing, which through those has helped shape me into a more refined disciple of Jesus Christ. I will forever treasure my mission and the experiences therein.
So highlights of this past week:
Monday Elder Proudfoot and I saved our miles to be able to go out to the thumb of Michigan and see Caro and Bad Axe Michigan, some mission areas everyone talks about and I've always wanted to get out there. To be honest, there wasn't much out there, but it was still cool. Took some cool pics and hung out with the Caro and Bad Axe Elders. Fun day. Then we went and helped our investigator (now recent convert) Brandon Salak with some yardwork and had a pre-baptism lesson in prep for his baptism.

Tuesday We helped out at a couple moves and then taught some lessons to Angie in prep for her baptism and Cassie our other investigator as well. We then went and contacted some potentials and referrals.

Wednesday we had the final district meeting of the transfer, and we discussed how commitments are important and how they lead to conversion. We left Bay City after lunch and then had lessons with one of our other investigators, Elizabeth and then did some door knocking until dinner with the Boss's who have a son on his mission in Mesa!! We then went and saw a cool guy we found while street contacting named Deon, his a cool guy, loves God and really open-minded, and accepted to read the Book of Mormon! He seems to love it so far, that was our second lesson with him. We then went and saw one of my favorite families the Cummins. They have been through a lot and are making efforts to become active again.

Thursday we had the Zone leaders with us on trade-offs and so I was with Elder Blazzard and so we went and contacted a ton of potentials and referrals and even had a lesson with one. His name was David and we taught him the Plan of Salvation (because he asked a ton of questions of the soul) and he was very impressed by it. The poor guy has been through a lot and is just looking for answers. He has great potential. We then went and taught Angie one last time before her baptism and then had her interview at the church. She and Brandon both passed!

Friday We had transfer calls and and then went and stopped by a few people. We helped Steve Mainprize with his chickens again and then saw Brandon and taught his last lesson before baptism. We had dinner with Brother Campbell and then had the creative Brother Johnson help us put together our baptismal programs.

Saturday was pday (and also my 2 year mark), but we started the day with a quick move, which didn't take too long. We then went to Kokomos and played some mini golf with the Bay City and Saginaw sisters. We then went to the church and started filling the font and preparing for Angies baptism. What a wonderful experience that was, she was so happy to be baptized and it was just a lovely service! We then had dinner with the Nichols, a legend couple here in Saginaw!

Sunday was my last day in Saginaw, and boy was it great, Elder Proudfoot, Sister Larsen and I gave talks in church on the Plan of Salvation and Angie was confirmed! We started filling the font once again and had Brandon's baptismal service. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever witnessed. He and his family are going to go on to great things, cant wait to come back for their sealing! We went and stopped by a few members and got some pics and then ended the evening with some last time street-contacting and door-knocking. It was great, talked to some really cool people, one of which was pretty interested in the Book of Mormon, which the elders here will see this week.

Today is Monday and its transfer day and I have departing interviews with President Brennan and then tomorrow we go to the temple and do a bunch of other things.

I know that Jesus is the Christ! This is his church and gospel! Joseph Smith was the Prophet of the Restoration and Thomas S. Monson is our Prophet today! The Book of Mormon is true, I know it! I testify of these things!
See y'all soon
Elder Brown
Signing out


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