July 10, 2017


Saginaw, MI


Elder Proudfoot

The 4th, zone conference, and a long anticipated day!

Hey y'all, hope everyone is doing well!

This week was good. We started with the 4th and had a good day, we helped a lady cut some wood and then did some finding before a barbecue we went to. They had some good eats, thanks Herrmanns! We had to stop proselyting in the evening, but we played some pros-ball before we had to turn in!

Wednesday and Thursday were normal days and we got some work done. Got to see a few of our investigators and so that was good. Angie and Cassie are doing good, we just gotta figure out there living situations.

Friday was zone conference and we got to meet the new mission president and his wife. They are awesome and I really enjoy them, sad I will only get to see them for a few more weeks. Gave my departing testimony, so that was pretty cool, never thought that day would come.

Saturday was awesome! Pat, one of my investigators in Traverse City got baptized on Saturday and so we go to go up there and I got to baptize her! It was a tender experience, definitely a great day!

Sunday we had Cassie and her boyfriend who we have been working on come to church!! So that was awesome!

Definitely a good week, hope you all are doing well and things are going good! Take care and talk to ya soon!

Elder Brown


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