September 19, 2016


Coldwater, MI


Elder Giles

This week was Great! Really it was!

Hello everyone! Hope all is well with you all. Things have been pretty great recently. This last week was the best we have had all transfer, and probably since I've been in Coldwater. We taught a lot, we went finding a lot, and hope that will lead to a lot of baptisms. We are praying and fasting that all our baptisms will go through this next month.

Monday we went and hung out with the Sturgis missionaries all day, playing games and what not. We had FHE with a recent convert family. They really enjoyed it, so we had a blast there.

Tuesday we went and did service at the food pantry. Always a fun time, they were overloaded with food so they sent us home with our own cake and a ton of sausage, so that was cool. We got changed and taught Bill, one of our investigators on date for the 1st of October. He has been going to church for over a year now, but now that his divorce is finalized, he can get married to his girlfriend and get baptized! So we are reviewing the lessons with him. We then had our Book of Mormon study group, which was great, it doubled in size! We went from 3 to 6 this week, and its continuing to grow!

Wednesday we had district meeting and discussed why fasting and prayer are important. Really great discussion, I learned a lot. We then went to lunch and proceeded to tradeoff afterwards. I went to Sturgis with Elder Compton. Great guy, I learned a lot from him. We came out together, so we get along great. Lots of teaching happened, 2 investigators and 2 less actives with finding in between.

Thursday we went about finding for most of the day in Sturgis. Not a lot of success, but talked to a lot of really nice people. We traded back that evening.

Friday we got a ride up to Union City (it was our walk day, and its 20 min. away) and spent 7 hours finding, contacting, and stopping in on recent converts and less actives. it was fun, and my feet were pretty sore. some drunk guy gave us pizza and water when we knocked on his door. Sad he was drunk, but I wasn't complaining. He said hes usually mean, so it was cool for him to be so hospitable. True miracle. The lord takes care of His servants.

Saturday we went about a lot more finding but were able to teach a couple lessons. Pretty hard day of finding, but we did ok.

Sunday we had church and had tom at church with us! He has come two weeks in a row! so excited for him to be baptized! we taught a crazy less active family, did some door knocking and that was that.

Hope all of you are doing well and hopefully its cooling off a bit back home. thank you all for all you do! I really do appreciate it! Love yall!

Elder Brown


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