August 15, 2016


Coldwater, MI


Elder Garvin

The mission can be tough sometimes!

Hello everyone! Can't believe its Monday again. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the last leg of summer. I'll tell ya, it hasn't been to bad this week, weather-wise. Its been in the 70's but the humidity has been killer! My goodness I'm sweating before I hit the door! But its good, definitely an experience for me!

This week wasn't one of the best. We had a couple people fall of baptismal date, one we haven't been able to contact in a while and the other called us and didn't want to meet with us anymore. I will admit, it's pretty disheartening as a missionary to make those decisions and to get those calls. But we are planting seeds for the future. 'Ill be honest, I highly disliked that phrase "planting seeds" because I felt like that was the easy way out of missionary work. I'm here to find, teach and baptize, not merely plant seeds. But sometimes my friends, that is all we can do. That is ALL the Lord wants from us. Its HIS work, so therefore it's HIS will. Sometimes that's hard to accept, but He knows best.

We had what's called here in the MLM a half mission pday, where half the mission gets together and has a fun filled day. We played a bunch of water games, had lunch and then split off to do whatever like football, soccer, kickball, basketball, etc. It was super fun, I played football the whole time and got roasted bad. Super fun to see a bunch of old missionaries and friends in the mission.

We also had the opportunity to go to the County fair this week. The members said it 'd be good to go and talk to people, so that's what we did. I've never been to a fair before, so that was an experience in itself. We were able to talk to a lot of cool people and find old contacts! Definitely worth our time! It was fun, they had a bunch of farm animals there too on show, so we got to see them. Been a while since I've seen any livestock. My companion was grossed out by them and the smell. Anytime any of them would go to the bathroom, he would turn his head and kinda gag. Ha ha it was hilarious!

It rained a lot this week, so that made things interesting. My talk went really well, thanks to everyone for all the prayers! The topic I was given was a talk by Elder Russell M. Nelson entitled "The mission and ministry of Jesus Christ". Really good talk, check it out!

I love and appreciate you all! Thanks for all you do to help me! Take care and talk to y'all later!

Elder Brown


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