June 28, 2016


Coldwater, MI


Elder Garvin

Fun times in Coldwater... and Sturgis!

Hello Everybody! It's been a crazy few weeks here in Coldwater. I have been super busy lately making all my emailing late with minimal information. I apologize, I am doing my best. Hope all of you are doing well!

I've enjoyed Coldwater, in fact, I love it here! I loved Grand Rapids and the people there, but I really don't like the city. Coming to Coldwater was cool, some of the first things I saw were lots of farm fields, giant pivots and a prison, so I knew I would enjoy it here. Personally I like the country, and Coldwater is a smaller town too of about 10-12 thousand people. The people here are generally nice, and some are very hospitable to us.

The Missionary work is going ok at the moment, and I say that because when I came here they just had a baptism and usually after a baptism things start to slow down. There were very few investigators and at this point we have dropped all of them because we couldn't contact them, so we are basically starting from scratch. I'ts not hard to find potential investigators, we find 10-15 people a week that are fairly interested, which is good in this mission. We are just at the point now of trying to meet with these potentials and increase our teaching pool. We have gotten a lot of reschedules and shined appointments, so its hard to meet with people and teach. But that's where we are at right now.

Last week was cool, Tuesday was MLC (missionary leadership council), so I went to Lansing with some other district leaders and everyone who was a leader from the mission came. We had some great instruction on how to be good leaders and how we can help those we have stewardship over. Really great stuff. I also got to see some old companions and friends, so that was great. Wednesday after district meeting I went to Sturgis on trade-offs until Friday morning. I was with Elder Grover who is from Sandy Utah. Great guy and we had a great time together. We talked to a lot of Hispanics, and Elder Grover is a former Spanish missionary, so I got to see him speak a little espanol. Fun fact of the day, Sturgis is the only area in the mission that goes down into Indiana a few miles, so I actually got to go down to Howe, Indiana! That was cool, we actually biked all the way from Sturgis and I haven't biked on my mission yet, so that was fun. We probably biked a good 25 miles, so I was feeling it the next day. But the rest of the week I was in Coldwater and got to work in my own area, lots of finding too.

Thank you all, and I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Brown


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