March 2, 2016


Rockford, MI (Grand Rapids 3)


Elder Burton

We have seen the hand of the Lord!

Hello Friends and Family! Been another good week and hope you're all doing well! Today, February 29th 2016, have been on my mission for 7 months! Pretty crazy to think how fast it's come!

We have had some crazy weather here this past week. Earlier last week we had beautiful weather in the 50s and then Wednesday it was super cold and we got 10.4 inches of snow. Just out of nowhere we get tons of snow, and then this weekend we had 50 degree weather and it melted most of the snow. Crazy weather here in Michigan!

Monday was pday and and we had a zone activity with everyone in the Grand Rapids zone. That was fun and I also got to see some old missionaries I haven't seen in a while!

Tuesday we met with a member and got to know her and invited her to pray specifically for missionary opportunities. We have been meeting with members to get to know them and help them with their missionary work. Its been a neat experience to be apart of that. We door knocked for a bit and found a few potentials so hopefully we can turn them into investigators.

Wednesday we had district meeting and that was awesome. We talked about cleanliness. We did some more finding and had a lesson with a college professor so that was interesting. He was super nice but not interested in hearing our message.

Thursday was our walking day and we had our weekly planning session too. We went finding and were able to talk to some potentials as well.

Friday we door knocking and also had 2 appointments. One shined us, but the other we were able to teach an older couple. Though they were not interested, they were super nice and are having us back for dinner.

Saturday we did some more finding and contacted a lot of potentials. We got a few return appointments out of it. We also contacted a less active who is not interested in coming back.

Sunday we had ward council and church and after went and stopped by a less active who let us in and talked with us, but is also not interested in us coming back. We have the smallest list of less actives in our area but the greatest amount of do not contacts, so its fun.

The gospel is true! I cannot deny that I know it. This truly is Christ's kingdom once again established on the earth.

Love you all! Have a great week and talk to ya soon! Thanks for all you all do!

Elder Brown


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