February 19, 2016


Rockford, MI (Grand Rapids 3)


Elder Burton

A lot more no success, but a little miracle!

Hello friends and family! Its good to write you all once again! Nothing too new has happened here, but here is an overview of our week.

Monday was our pday and so we went to downtown Grand Rapids and explored the big city. Grand Rapids is a great place and has tons of colleges, big name businesses and lots of attractions. Definitely an upgrade from Owosso. Fun fact of the day, Grand Rapids is the largest printing of Anti-Mormon material in the world. Uhuh, anyways we had a good time and some fun with the other members of our district.

Tuesday was our probably our best day and it was the day we had our miracle! So we usually do service at a community service place but that fell through. So we resorted to call all the less actives in our area, former investigators, and potential investigators. As we called just about everyone we could, with no success, we were inspired to call one more potential investigator, found in August of last year. We called. She answered, and asked a few questions about what she should expect from us. We answered them and she agreed to come and hear us out. We got there and got to know her (her name is Rebecca) and her religious background and her story. She is going through a hard time right now but she wants to some closer to her Savior. We taught her the restoration and she agreed to read the book of Mormon. Super humble and shes awesome!

The rest of our week consisted of doorknocking and contacting potentials, formers and less actives. We talked to 98 people and only 3 wanted us to come back, and even they didn't seem too solid. So Elder Burton and I are in a rut right now and are doing everything we can to find success in our labors. We are doing our best to increase the progress in our area.

The Lord will provide and we Will see the fruits of our labors, maybe not now or in this life, but they will come. Heavenly Father knows best and I trust in Him and His will for me and this area

Love you all! Have a great week and talk to you all next week!

Elder Brown


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