January 4, 2016


Owosso, MI


Elder Laing

Ice covered Owosso!

Hey Friends and Family! Hope you all had a great New Years and are ready for the New Year! Things have been pretty great here in Owosso this past week, and I got some goods to tell!

Monday we had our pday and braved a blizzard of a storm and even helped some guy push his car! Pretty fun!

Tuesday was pretty cool, we got up early and drove to Ovid to meet and trade off with St. Johns. Now that Elder Laing is the district leader we go on a lot of trade offs. I stayed in Owosso with Elder Goodall, who is a freshie straight off the plane three weeks ago. He is from Queen Creek ( go Az! AZ rules this district) and so it was cool being this guys first tradeoff. So... I worked this kid pretty hard. We even went without lunch and he thought I was crazsy! We did a lot of door knocking and d-icing with snow shovels and we even got to teach a mom and daughter who invited us in! Miracles happened that day! Our teaching pool is now increasing and I'm excited with the way things are going!

Wednesday Elder Laing taught his first district meeting! That was suweet! We had trade offs again and I went to Dewitt with Elder Julander (from AZ, just thought I'd throw that in there). We had a good day of finding and visiting potentials. We even taught this one guy who falls asleep numerous times and so that was sad. Dewitt is a slower area so we did a lot of finding.

Thursday we, yep, went finding. The weather was super cold and windy, I had to go to the bathroom, we were on foot, so I was pretty miserable. We all met at the Laws for New years eve and had a blast! We had homemade pizzas and brownies and ice cream!

Friday We had our weekly planning session and were on foot. so we grabbed our shovels and walked around offering help and truth!

Saturday we did a lot of finding (5 and a half hours) and we were pretty dead after that. We visited some potentials and started deep cleaning our apartment that evening.

Sunday we had a good Sabbath. We got to teach a new family we found so that was awesome! They seem pretty solid and have some awesome questions and concerns we were able to answer! Elder Laing had his phone calls, and then we visited the Oberlins.

Hope you all have a great week and a good start to 2016! Love ya'll and talk to ya next week!

Elder Brown


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