December 7, 2015


Owosso, MI


Elder Laing

Braving the not so cold weather!

Hey Everyone! Its been another good week here in Owosso, Michigan! A lot of cool things happened last week!

Monday after pday we had dinner with the Gosselins (who are great cooks) and visit some less actives.

Tuesday was an awesome day! We taught quite a few lessons! We taught this one mom named Hailey. Sad thing is though is she just wants to learn about what we believe in and really go no farther than that. We taught a guy named Mike at Mcdonalds and was a similar situation, we just shared our beliefs and we went on our way. Most people here say they are 'set' where they are or 'happy' where they are, when truly they could be happier. Then we taught our top investigator, Traci Settlemyer, who is going to be baptized this Saturday! She is so solid and ready to be baptized! It will be an awesome experience for her! We went about our finding that day as well and found some awesome potentials! We taught Elijah Patton, who is so solid as well! We taught the Plan of Salvation, and invited him to be baptized! His date is January 16th, 2016!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we got shined a lot and so we did a lot of finding. Funny story. We were country knocking before dinner on Friday, and going down this road we talked to one person out of all the houses. We got to a bend in the dirt road, and there was a path about 1/2 mile long to a little house. So we went to go knock it. We get there and knock. No one answers. So we walk back down the long driveway and then we see a truck coming. So we were excited to talk to someone! Well the truck pulls up and a lady jumps out and yells 'what the heck are you doing'
(she is using some colorful language). We tell her that we are the missionaries sharing a message about Jesus Christ. She doesn't believe us. She asks for our I.D. and thinks we are theifs. Long story short, she freaks out cause were not from Michigan, calls the neighborhood watch guy (who was really nice), and gets all our information. We get back to our car and there is a guy loading a handgun, which was pretty scary. But the watchmen dude tells them what happened and were off! I guess this neighborhood has a history of theives and so everyone was scared. Now you got a little taste of what I do...its pretty dang exciting!

Sunday was fast Sunday and so we got to hear the testimonies from the ward members! Visited some people and went to the Christmas devotional! That was awesome! I loved the talks, especially by President Uchtdorf!

Hope you all have a great week! Enjoy the Christmas season and remember to turn outward and help those around us! Love you all and talk to you next week!

Shout out to Hagan for turning 8 and being baptized soon! Love you bud! So excited for you!

Elder Brown


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