November 17, 2015


Owosso, MI


Elder Laing

Update from Owosso

Hey friends and family! Another week has flown by! Second week of the transfer is done, so crazy! Thanks for the letters this past week as well! I am in the process of writing back to ya! Here's the rundown from last week!

Monday was our usual pday! We had to get new tires for our car, so we went to Lansing for that. While they were doing it, we walked over to the Meridian Mall, right across the street. We looked through the many stores and items and looked at things we couldn't afford. I noticed a GNC store, and I really wanted advice as to how to work out (because we have tons of equipment to use at our apartment) and the use of protein (we have tons of that left over from the Polynesian Elders). The GNC guy, whose name is Dan, explained the functions of the body, use of weights, and use of protein, most of which I didn't understand, but hey I grasped a bit. We had probably a good 20 min conversation about it. Then, the question came. "What are you guys?" Bingo. I was able to explain our life as missionaries, and our purpose. He had never heard of a Mormon before, so I gave him a card, and invited him to learn. Though he declined, we were able to discuss religion and the importance of missionaries. The seed was planted. That was a super cool experience! Even Dan from GNC needs the gospel! Tuesday was a good and sad day. We took one of our investigators, Gabe Stowers, off baptismal date. He feels like he is being rushed. I assured him we weren't trying to rush him, but we would help him in any way possible. Love that kid! We picked a new investigator named Elijah Patton, who we found door knocking. He wanted to hear what we had to say, so we did and shared the restoration with him. His hold-up, he cant read very well, so he said he will definitely read the Book of Mormon in his lifetime. Yikes. We are going to help him understand the importance of it and what we teach. Wednesday and Thursday we did a lot of finding and picked up a new investigator named Taylor, a young kid looking for a church and some good friends. Super solid guy! Friday and Saturday was part one trade offs, and I went to Dewitt with Elder Hirschi (hershey) and Elder Julander. They are in a trio with their district leader Elder Elmer who went to Owosso with Elder Laing. It was good, but those guys fought the ENTIRE time! From planning, to meals to touching the stupid radio, they were bickering and bantering the whole time! We sat in the car, no one speaking, for 2 hours. It was a waste of time because these knuckleheads had to be drama queens. Nevertheless, they finally got help and sorted it out. Boy that was stupid. Sunday we had PEC and was able to discuss the needs of the ward. I have come to love those meetings, it is so different as a missionary! We taught Marie, a new investigator, the restoration and gave her a tour of the church. That was an awesome lesson! Missionary work is legit!

Hope you all had a great Halloween! 'Tis the holiday season! Love you all and thanks for everything! Talk to ya soon! Have a good week!

Elder Brown


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