November 9, 2015


Owosso, MI


Elder Laing

First week with the new companion!

Hello friends and family! Can't believe its already been another week! Hope you all are doing well! Thanks again for all the letters and cards, I really love to hear from you all! This was a great week, especially with the new companion Elder Laing! Had some cool things happen this week!

Monday was transfer day. Elder Aros and I headed down to Lansing at 11:45 so he could get on the transfer van. We got our last picture, said our goodbyes and he was off. Very grateful for the experiences and lessons I've learned from him, and I wish him the best in his new area. It was kinda weird the first time I met Elder Laing. When the transfer van returned with the missionaries, I saw him and said hi to him and started talking to him. I turned my head for a second and when I turned back around, he was gone. To say the least he didn't really talk to me until we got in the car and drove home. Boy was that weird. But we got to know each other pretty well and I actually really like this kid, he's a stud! Our week was really my test for him, does he meet my expectations? Needless to say, he does. The kid is a hard worker and doesn't hesitate. He is a great teacher too, which I got to see a lot of this week. We taught a lot of lessons this week, I love the success we are having here in Owosso! There will be a baptism on the 28th of November and every weekend after until the end of the year, so far! The downs definitely make the ups though! Some other highlights of the week: We taught our super solid investigator, Holly Smith, the plan of salvation. The lesson totally made sense to her, and she is just soaking up everything we have to say! We had to move her date back a couple weeks, which she was kind of sad about, but we told her that it was just so we had enough time to teach her everything and make sure she was ready. She told us, "well then I want to be baptized the first Saturday in December!" That blew us away! I'm not doubting her conviction, we just wanted to help her keep all the commitments before she was baptized and I want her to stay! She's solid! Ward council, we established some ground rules. I gave them each a copy of the progress record and said "you all need to know whats going on here, there is no secret what we are doing here." We made the whole ward council aware of all our investigators, and said we need the ward to fellowship and support these investigators. Hopefully that will get the ward off their rumps.

Thanks again for all your love and support! All your love and encouragement really does help keep me going! Love you all and talk to you all next week!

Elder Brown

Quick shout out to Brother Sam Hunt and family, cause they're awesome! Also to everyone that made it in the New Era, that is so cool! Congrats Skyline Football, keep on chuggin' and take home state! GO COYOTES!


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