October 19, 2015


Owosso, MI


Elder Aros

OOOHHHH Michigan!

Hey everybody whats happening?! It's been a cool week! Literally, we got our first snowfall on Saturday! Everybody is so sad and mad that winter is here but I was so excited! Never seen it snow before so I was going nuts!! I've been going in the short sleeved shirt to try and man up a bit ya its exciting. It's going to be an awesome winter! SO here is the rundown form last week!

Monday was our usual P-day so we got all the shopping and laundry done. They haven't had bball in a while so that's sad but oh well. We had a sweet lesson planned for one of our investigators but he shined us. We have been living in shinecity for the past couple weeks, I swear nobody wants to meet with us.

Tuesday we got our Tiwi fixed. Basically what it is, is a box in the bottom left hand area of the front windshield, that barks at you when you go too fast and don't have your seat belt on and stuff like that. Kind of like a parent in the passenger seat when your learning how to drive ha ha. We went and did some personal contacting at the Baker College here in Owosso. We found 3 potentials and had some good conversations and appointments with these young people! They all seem pretty promising! We had a solid lesson with our top investigator Arlene Lewis. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized! She declined because she had some fears, but we helped her answer her problems and concerns. We gave her info for the 12 step program and she agreed to keep praying and progressing towards baptism!

Wednesday We had an awesome district meeting! We all bore our testimonies and felt the spirit super strong. We are not just a district but a brotherhood! We visited a few less actives and had a few lessons fall through on us. Lots of finding was done.

Thursday We had our weekly planning and our ward mission leader had a stroke. It was just a minor one, but still a scary experience. He is home now and doing fine. He is one of those guys that is just go go go. He is 73 and cannot sit still. While his wife was at a meeting, he went out and started driving! Ha ha the doctor told him no but he refuses to be stuck in the house! Ha ha but the coolest thing that almost made me cry was the fact that while lying in a hospital bed, he was still worried about us missionaries. He wanted to know if he could help and if someone was feeding us that night. I was blown away by this mans dedication to serve.

Friday We hit some of the other towns in our area, visiting less actives, contacting referals and finding. We found a few people that were interested and told us they would call us.

Saturday We had a baptism in St. Johns, the area next to us, for a guy named Vic Franqui. It was a cool experience, especially for me to see my first convert baptism! After, we went back to Owosso and did some country knocking. Lots of walking but it was awesome!

Sunday we had our ward council and were able to get some good advice in helping strengthen the ward. The ward council is solid! I love being in the perspective of a missionary! We visited one of my favorite families, the Mabrys. Sis Mabry is in her 80s and Ralph is in his 70s. She is a member, but he is not. We have been talking to him a lot about the importance of the book of Mormon and we finally got him to start reading it! I absolutely love them, they are so nice!

I love this work and I know its true! Love you all and talk to ya next week!

Elder Brown


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