October 5, 2015


Owosso, MI


Elder Aros

We got all them 'Ganders! (Elder Aros and I are going to write a song about the 'Ganders here. They are nuts! Haha!

Whats up y'all! Another week is down and in the books! It is so crazy how fast time flies! I hit my two month mark last Tuesday! Its hard to believe! Had some cool stuff happen this past week!

For the past few weeks, the Oberlins (a less active family) has signed up to feed us dinner and have family home evening with them. They are a funny family! Somehow I told them I had money for a bike I never got, so they think I'm going to buy them a new TV! Not just any TV, but one of those curved ones! They ask me tons of questions about Arizona, because its pretty much a foreign land to them. But Elder Aros and I have helped them with FHE, by sharing ideas, given suggestions and have even given them an outline to fill out each week to stay organized. They have really enjoyed it, and we are now in the process of "handing it off" to them.

Tuesday was a cool day! We went and worked some other little towns in our area, visiting less actives, contacting referals, and finding potentials. We were somewhat successful, in that we found some solid potentials! We found one named Alecia, while visiting less actives. We were going through the less active list in that area, and when we knocked on the door, the person we were looking for did not live there. So instead we met Alecia, and invited her to learn about the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. She accepted and seemed super interested in learning!

We had interviews with the Mission President and district meeting in Lansing. President Jacobsen gave me some counsel on how I can improve and become a better Preach my Gospel missionary! Though he is very straight forward a little intimidating, I love hearing from him! He has a vast knowledge of the Gospel, so its really cool to hear what he has to say! Afterwards we traded off! Elder Julander came with me to Owosso! He's a cool guy who really liked to work hard! I liked that! He is from Tuscon Arizona and a UofA fan, so I just told all the members he's from "the other half" of Arizona! Funny thing about him we were visiting a less active members home... and he dozed off while I was talking with them. They were understanding but gave him a hard time!

Thursday was our car fast day, so Elder Julander and I did some knocking walking and talking. We had some fun experiences, like a guy who came out laughing and didn't say a word to us and then went back inside. That was strange. We found a couple awesome potentials though! So at a less active members home, the Mabrys, Ralph (brother Mabry) doesn't see or understand the need for the Book of Mormon. I simply told him and bore him my testimony of the Book of Mormon that I knew it to be true. The Spirit directed me and I committed him to read it every day for a 7 days, one week, and to pray about about it. I promised him that God would tell him if that book was true and if anything we have taught him is true. He accepted. We will see him later this week to follow up.

Friday we traded back and Elder Aros and I had our weekly planning session. We discussed some things we could do to help our work here and we will be applying those. We were cruising around in Shine city for a while because none of our investigators were home.

Saturday & Sunday
Man, General conference was awesome! There is something about being on a mission that makes it so much sweeter! I learned so many cool things! It was awesome hearing who the new Apostles were! I loved the talk from Devin G. Durrantt about ponderizing! The promises extended to us are amazing if we heed his words and ponderize a verse of scripture each week!

I know without a doubt this gospel is true and the Book of Mormon is too. I did not come out here to teach and testify of a work and a book I didn't know to be true!

Thanks all for the love and support! I enjoy hearing from ya! Have a great week and talk to ya soon!

Elder Brown


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