August 24, 2015


Owosso, MI


Elder Aros

The Mission

Hello Everybody!

This past week has been great and went by so fast! I have almost been out a month, which is nuts to even comprehend! Here is the breakdown for the week!

This was the first p-day out here in Michigan! It was awesome! Out here we get an extra half hour to email compared to the MTC where we only get one hour! The members here in Owosso do our laundry, so we don't have to go to a laundromat so that's pretty sweet! We drove down to Lansing and played some B-ball with the zone. Not to brag or anything but i was ballin it up! I was draining 3's like nobody's business! Ha ha I think it was those bball shoes Dad! We went and visited some less actives that night so it was a good day!

After our studies We spent a couple hours at the flippin pharmacy getting my epi pens cause the dumb doctor couldn't figure it out. But we finally got them and then we visited some less actives, did some door knocking and got shined by a potential, in other words the guy wasn't home when he told us when to come back.

This was my first district meeting in the mission. Our district leader and his companion met at the St. Johns church building and then went to district lunch. Elder Clark is our district leader and his companion is Elder Freeman. They are good missionaries and I have learned a lot from them. I will actually be on trade-offs with the district leader tomorrow so that should be fun! We visited some more less actives And had a good visit with one! They are the Maybres, both elderly and only sister Maybre is a member. Her husband Ralph is not a member, and had a stroke a few years back and now it is difficult for him to talk. But I understood most of what he was saying and since he can't do anything, he reads the bible. He loves talking about God, and has a strong testimony in him! I invited him to read the Book of Mormon because it also talks of God And testifies of Jesus Christ and said he would as soon as we get a larger print copy! Such a good day!

We visited some more less actives and we taught a lesson to one of our investigators, April Husband. She is solid and I'm excited to see her progress! We had dinner with the Stowers, who is a part member family. Will Stowers was baptized 6 months ago and is super solid! His wife is a wonderful cook and she is taking interest in the church!! The one thing that is holding her back is Relief Society, she doesn't like the thought of it. But I think she will enjoy it if she has some good fellowshippers!

Today.... we did some good ole country knocking! ME and Elder Aros visited a referral who lived out in the middle of nowhere, and we decided to walk some dirt roads and hit up the country folk! We hit about 10 to 12 houses in an hour because they lived so far apart! One guy was so surprised to see us he asked if we were lost! Ha ha we told him no just spreading the good word! But that was a good experience cause I also got to know my companion a little more too!

Saturday we did 5 hours straight of street contacting and door knocking. We walked about six miles so I was pretty tired. But we found 3 potential investigators!! They all seemed super solid too, so I'm excited to begin teaching them! After dinner we helped the Oberlins move some of their daughters stuff out to another house! They were real grateful for our help too! Good family!

Church here is pretty good! A smaller ward than I'm used too but its awesome! Everyone here is related in some way, which is a little hard to follow sometimes but they're all way nice! After our early dinner we visited some less actives, while it was pouring rain!!! Needless to say I got drenched, but it felt good, REAL good! Ha ha there are a ton of little towns in our area so we did a lot of driving! The members here are great!

This Wednesday I will have been out a month if you count the MTC! Its' crazy and it goes by fast! I notice that the harder you work, the faster time goes which is not a happy thought for me because I don't want my time here to be gone before I can even think about it! But reading this book I have, it says that "you have two years to work, and the rest of eternity to think about it." That hit me, and I realized that I don't want to regret anything I do out here and not waste the Lords time, because it really is His time! I love this work, and I"m grateful to help it roll forward in these latter days! Love you all and hope all is well! Until next week!!

Elder Brown


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