August 17, 2015


Owosso, MI


Elder Aros

Whoop-de-doo, I'm allergic to Michigan bees!

Hey Friends and Family!

This past week and a half have been crazy, but awesome! I have been out here in Michigan since Wednesday and it has been a blast! I'll break it down day by day to make it easier!

Monday August 10th and Tuesday August 11th
Nothing really happened on these days so I combined them. Early Monday morning around 3am My roommates left for New Mexico! It was so sad seeing them go because we had all become super close friends! They are big studs! Isn't it crazy how quick you can become friends with someone when the spirit is just so strong! I love those guys and wish them the best in New Mexico! Me and Elder Liu became a trio with Elder Strauss, who is the biggest stud of all, because his companion left for Arkansas. He is the manliest man I've ever seen! We had a pull up bar outside our room and he would do like a hundred pull ups, both ways every night before bed! Not to mention he is one of the fastest hurdlers in the state of Utah!! He is such a humble guy too so it was awesome having him be our companion for a day! We said our goodbyes to all our teachers and friends and then headed to bed for the last time!

Wednesday August 12th
We left early in the morning around 2:30am for the Salt Lake City Airport. We flew to Minneapolis, then to Lansing. Not to mention I had caught the MTC bug, so I was feeling pretty miserable. But when we got to the airport we met the Mission President and wife and his Assistants and the sister training leaders. They were all happy to see us as we were them. They took us to the Lansing stake center where we filled out paperwork and watch some instructional videos. While that was going on the mission president pulled us aside for interviews. President Jacobsen is very strait forward and sometimes pretty unsympatheic. He expects us to be the most obedient and hard working missionary possible, and I told him he didn't have to worry about me. He said Good and wished me luck as I start to labor here in Michigan. That night some of us went to the mission home and the others went to a hotel. There were 26 missionaries including me that came to Lansing, the largest amount of missionaries ever! The mission home was a big house for all the Senior missionaries. I slept in the basement with 6 other elders.

Thursday August 13th
This was the big day! The day I met my trainer! They had all the trainees line up on one side and all the trainers on the other. Then we all introduced ourselves and then counted down, opened our envelopes and saw a picture of our Trainers!! My trainer is Elder Aros originally born in Guam but lives in California! Hes been out 9 months and we are serving in the Owosso area. Its northeast from Lansing and about 20-30 min away. Elder Aros is a stud! Hes not very tall but makes up for that with his powerful testimony! He's super meek and humble and just a good guy! I took
uncle Bert's advice and I told him that I wanted to be the best Junior companion I could be, and pretty much told him everything about me! We have had a great start here!

Friday August 14th
First full day in the field! It was awesome! Elder Aros has taught me so much here so far and the people are great! We did some tracting (they call it door knocking up here) and found 4 potential investigators! It feels good to do the Lords work! The apartment is pretty nice with its own gym! I'm leaving this area ripped! haha Its not too hot but it sure is humid holy cow!

Saturday August 15th
Haha now this day wins day of the week as far as experiences go so far, but I was over at the Rileys (Bro Riley is the ward mission leader) doing some service. Dad I was working hard but not smart. We were pulling out the dead grass in one area. One patch of grass wasn't budging with the shovel, so I reached down to yank it out and lo and behold a flippin beehive was right underneath it. Those suckers stung me three times in the finger! It hurt pretty bad for a while but soon wore off. My hand swelled up to the size of a baseball, but I thought I was okay. Nope wasn't okay. About 30 to 45 minutes after I was stung I started itching myself and the Rileys pointed out that I had hives on my face and arms and when we checked my back and chest, yep they were there too. It was eventually over my ENTIRE body. It got so bad my skin started sagging and I got super red. They gave me some benadryl and a blessing, Elder Aros called Sister Jacobsen and we went back to the apartment. I took a shower and Sister Jacobsen said to just lay down and if it gets worse go to the doctor. After I woke up I was fine, just a freak accident, haha but I guess I'm known for those. So there ya have it, I'm allergic to bees, or at least the ones here in Michigan. Whoop-de-doo. So now I've got to go to the doctor and probably get an eppy pen or whatever. But ya that was fun.

Sunday August 16
Sunday was good. I got to meet the ward, which is really small probably between 80 to 90 members. They were all nice and there was a baptism for a 8 year old boy right after church. And then there was a potluck, which they have after every event here. We went and visited some less actives which there are a lot of here. The ward list is probably 4-5 pages long but 80% of them are less active. SO we have work to do. One thing I'm noticing in some families is that they say they love the elders and we can come over whenever to do whatever. We are like family to them. Which is great but that's not what I want from them. I don't want to come to their house to not act like a missionary for a while, I want them to be fully converted and to start being faithful members again. That is probably the biggest problem here.

Also, apparently this is not a big bike mission. My companion looked at me like I was an idiot when I mentioned the word BIKE. Me and my companion have a car we drive around our area which is about 120 square miles more or less. And also we do not have Ipads, which I think is great because they're just more of a distraction to missionaries than a tool. Anyways thx to everyone that sent a package or letter to the MTC, It was awesome to get those! Feel free to write and email me! Love you all and I'll talk to ya next week!

Elder Brown


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