May 22, 2017


Saginaw, MI


Elder Proudfoot

Gangbangers, Drunks, and Stake Conference

Hey Everybody! Sorry i'ts been a while, haven't emailed y'all since the sixties, so I apologize!

It's been a good week for Elder Proudfoot and I! We have been hitting the pavement and talking to everyone trying to find people to teach! We were able to pick up a few more new investigators this week, so that was good, but towards the end of the week, we found out that one of them had moved unexpectedly, another we cant contact and the other is not as solid as we thought. So we are working with them the best we can and praying for solid people to teach.

Had some pretty funny stories happen this week! So we were downtown on the west side of Saginaw, which by the way is the nicer side, the east side is the dangerous side, anyway so we were on the west side contacting a referral and as we were walking back to the car and my companion Elder Proudfoot says "this is a nice neighborhood, we should knock it." Not even 2 seconds later we hear a...yes..a gunshot! No joke it was totally was! I looked at my companion and he says back "well maybe not..." ha ha it was super funny! Saginaw is super ghetto and I love it!

Hope you all are doing great! Congrats to all the missionary vets that are home of coming home soon! Talk to y'all later!

Elder Brown


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