September 10, 2017


Cowra, Australia


Elder Olsen

Australia Week 1

Dear Mom and Dad,

To start off I have developed a half Australian/American accent so there might be some things I say that do not make sense but do not worry I am not swearing. Well this week has been cool as. I got here on Wednesday the 6th. When I got to Sydney I met President Bingham, who is nice as, and then we drove to the mission home. We had to go over a whole bunch of stuff like mission rules, driving rules, and flat rules. Then we had lunch which was good as, we had pretty much BBQ pork sandwiches I don't know what it was really called. Then we had a training for a few hours, then we met our new companions. My companion is Elder Olsen he is from Logan, Utah and has been out for 13 months. He is cool as. I am in Cowra which is 570 k's from Sydney so we stayed in Bathurst that first night with the zone leaders. It was a 3 hour drive from Sydney to Bathurst which felt long as. Then the next morning we went from Bathurst to Cowra which only took about 1 hour. We were shotgunned into the Cowra area so we didn't know anyone. So these past few days we have been going around finding people from the area book. We have been able to find a few of em so we are going to be able to teach people next week. Not many people are interested in hearing about the Gospel but we haven't had anyone be rude to us yet. We have met a few Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses and Anglicans who will have a good as Gospel related conversation but they have no interest in changing. There are a few who we may be getting to have success with. One is Dylan who is 12 and is a friend of a member from our branch and said he wants to get baptized and another is Immagen who is 16 who says church is true but her mum doesn't support her going to church. Every week we have dinner with the same families. For dinner I have had chicken and vegetables, fish and chips, and tacos (kind of). But yeah the area is really small as, but everyone is really nice. Today is Monday the 11th and it is 8:45 am. It is P day so this time will be the time I email. We are going to find something to do today maybe play basketball or footy ball. We are going to go to this store that looked like it had some cool as souvenirs like a crocodile dundee hat. It has been about 15 degress each day so it's been a little cold. But yeah, Australia is awesome and I can't wait to spend the next 2 years here. We have gotten to do lots of service like painting a flat and help moving things around. We helped the Millers move a 200 cm TV in their house. We get to do lots of service which is fun because all the Branch members are cool as. I have seen kangaroos outside the flat and I have seen plenty of dead ones on the road. I think lots of em get hit in the night time. But yeah, hope everything goes well for youse back at home. Love you all.


Elder Kaas

P.S. I can only send one email to you guys a week so any questions you have will be answered next week.


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