August 26, 2017




Elder Wagner

Elder Kaas Week 2 Letter

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week has been awesome. We started teaching investigators this week and it has been really successful. The person I teach in the morning is named Oleg Siminov he is from Moscow, Russia. We had a really good first lesson. The second lesson on the plan of salvation was a different experience. Everything we told him was different from what he learned at his old Russian Orthodox Church and he wanted proof from the Bible. We would show him a scripture that answered his question and he wouldn't continue arguing he accepted it and believed it. He didn't attempt to bible bash. So he felt the spirit through the scriptures. Then the next day we taught about faith, repentance, baptism and enduring to the end. We invited him to be baptized and he said that he's not going to say no but he didn't think he knew enough yet. But he thanked us for caring about his wife and daughter. Seeing how he cared greatly for his family we taught him the next day the family proclamation to the world and about families being able to be sealed together. He really enjoyed this and said that once he finishes the Book of Mormon he will commit to baptism. It's really great because we get to keep teaching him next week. Our afternoon investigator is Rebekah Sandstrom from Provo. She was afraid that joining the church would make her mom hate her and she had an abusive father and that her parents marriage didn't go so well. We were able to comfort her through the spirit and now she no longer has this fear. She is willing to either move out of her boyfriends house or marry him so she can be baptized and she has her boyfriends support. This was our last week teaching her so we'll get a new afternoon investigator next week. For exercise time I have been playing basketball until last night because they had a net up in the gym for volleyball. Volleyball was fun because the people who didn't have lots of experience would shank the ball towards the top of the net and I would pound it right back at em. Today I went to the temple and now I'm doing laundry. Later I'm going to play beach volleyball hopefully with the same islanders as last week who called me the "white boy who's good at volleyball". I have one week left in the MTC and we got our flight plans I will send a picture of those. I'm really excited to go to Australia but I know I still have more to learn in this last week at the MTC. I saw Dylan Robison on Wednesday. He is going to New Mexico on his mission. Hope Madden and Chloe are being good and that they are having a good time at middle school. Love you guys and wish the best to you all.


Elder Kaas


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