August 19, 2017




Elder Wagner

Elder Kaas-1st P-Day Letter!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry I did not tell you when my P days were but I did not know at the time when I sent that first Email. My time here has been amazing. The first day we went to a classroom and we met our district and companions. My companion is Elder Wagner who is from Othello, Washington, and he and I work really well together. All 6 Elders in my room that I sleep in are going to Australia Sydney south. 4 Elders and 1 sister are going to Melbourne and 2 sisters are going to Washington DC in our district. After we met our district we went to bigger classrooms in the older buildings and we had a person pretending to be an investigator in each of the 3 rooms we went into. Elder Wagner and I were able to work really well together right off the bat. The only problem was that we were in a class of 50 missionaries all trying to teach one investigator so everyone had different things they wanted to teach which made it hard to stay on topic. Even though this was the case we were able to get one of them to give the closing prayer and the investigator who was a pretend actually cried and felt the spirit very strongly. Then after that we had dinner. I had chicken, rice, green beans and some fruit. Every meal I have had fruit and vegetables with some form of meat or something with meat on it so don't worry. I have also been filling up my 40 oz water bottle with sprite to balance it out. I have also been drinking lots of water too. The second day was one of the most spiritual days i have ever had. In the morning we went to a big class and learned about our purpose and were challenged to memorize what it says our purpose is in in preach my gospel (PMG) which I did and it says, " Invite others unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gist of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." after that class we had lunch then we had a class with our district on inviting others to get baptized. This was really awesome because we got to practice actually inviting people with our teacher. My afternoon teacher is sister Strong and my morning teacher is brother Buenning. They are really great teachers and have taught me a lot of things that will help me on my mission and it has only been 3 days. After dinner we met our branch President, president Samuelian and his wife and his counselors. He had an interview with everyone in our district and he is one of the most spiritual men I have ever met. He knew a lot about me that I had never told him kinda like when we were with Patriarch Birk. To close our interview he gave me a blessing and it filled my spirit significantly. The 3rd day in the morning we learned about how technology helps us and how we can prevent it from being used inappropriately. While I am at the MTC I will have an Ipad for the 3 weeks I am here but not when I am in Sydney. Then we had personal and companion study and Elder Wagner and I went through the Restoration pamphlet. After that we had lunch then we had class. During class we went over how to study and plan to teach an investigator. Then we got to teach our teacher who pretended to be a 22 year olde woman going to USU for track and was from Canada. It went really well we got her to pray and feel the spirit. Then we asked if she was willing to meet with us again and she accepted. It was nice to get that second visit even though it was practice because it gives us confidence. After that we had dinner then we had more study time and my companion and I read the Book of Mormon during this time. then we had exercise time and we played basketball in the gym because they din't have volleyball our any good weight equipment. We weren't very good but Elder Bohne (Bonny) who is in the same room from as me is from Canada and is really good at basketball and may play for team Canada. This morning we went to the Provo temple and did a session which was really cool to experience. Then we had breakfast in the cafeteria at the temple and I had the BEST BACON AND EGGS I HAVE EVER HAD. After that we went back and got our laundry and now I am sending Emails while our laundry is going on. Later today we're going to those sand courts to play volleyball that we saw on Wednesday. Other than that how have you guys been? Hope Madden and Chloe are being good to both of you. How is dad's volleyball team doing? If you or Madden and Chloe have any other questions just ask and I will gladly answer. I am going to send and Email to the rest of the people too. Love you guys. I'll send some pics too.


Elder Kaas


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