November 11, 2018


Cessnock, Australia-Near Newcastle (former North Sydney Area)


Elder Jung

Elder Kaas-Australia-Weeks 61,62 & 63

11/11/18-Letter from Elder Kaas
This past week was good! Monday we got to go to a park with heaps kangaroo. It was first time I got to see kangaroo since my 2nd area so it was good. We still trying to get to know the area and members. Our area is very big and not many members live in our town of Cessnock. We had a good amount of feeds with members, and were able to meet them and learn more about the area. We met a less active part member family that we going to start working with. We have a dinner appointment with them tonight! Hopefully we be able to get more going on this week. We met our ward mission leader and he is really good. We are going to start doing activities with people we are work with. That was pretty much all this week. Hope everyone has a good week.
Elder Kaas

11/20/18-Letter from Elder Kaas
This past week was all good. We are getting to know the ward. Most of them are related to each other by marriage. It's slowly starting to get hotter as we are going into summer but it rained on Saturday which was different. We had a good visit with the part member family and we are going to continue the lessons with their son who is 10 and is wanting to get baptized. Sorry for the late letter. We didn't know until later in our week that our p- day was change to Wednesday because we are going to the temple, that day, which is today! It will be the first time I get to do endowment since I was in MTC so I'm really happy! My Soa and I doing good together, he finishes in January so he almost done. Thanks for the support and have a great week.
Elder Kaas

11/25/18-Letter from Elder Kaas
This past week we got to go to the temple, on Wednesday! It was really good because it was my first time to do as endowment since the MTC which was 15 month ago. We were on the train for most of the day that day, because we are far from the temple in Sydney. We probably were on the train for 5 hours, which was very long! On Saturday, we did service with a few members for an elderly man in the ward. We got to split the wood he had from a tree he cut down. It was heaps of wood! On Thursday, we taught an investigator who was learning about the church two years ago, then stopped, then two Sundays ago, he randomly came back! It was really good, and we got to teach him about the restoration. He came to church on Sunday, and the ward choir was practicing for Christmas! Thanksgiving is not an Australian holiday, so no we didn't celebrate it. Not many people even eat turkey here and I don't think I've ever had it here in Australia. Thanks for all the support and have a good week.
Elder Kaas


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