August 26, 2018


Oatlands, Australia


Elder Hang

Elder Kaas-Australia-Week 51

This past week was all goods. On Tuesday we got to do more volleyball finding at the youth centre. That was fun as. On Wednesday I had my trade off with the district leader. We worked in his area. It was really good. We got to visit some less actives in that ward and it was very good. For dinner that day we went to Costco and I got to eat a chicken bake. I was keen as to eat a chicken bake. On Thursday we had a conference with Elder Ardern of the General 70. He was the first speaker. He was very spiritual and went straight to the point. He gave us this acronym which can be taken from Doctrine and covenants section 20 verse 59.

The 5 things we need to ask ourselves if we did these things that day before we sleep

Invite others to come to Christ

It was a very spiritual meeting and he gave us lots of things to help us be better missionaries. When we got back from conference we had a recent convert lesson with the Faalafi family at a YSA members house. We went through the plan of salvation and asked if they had any questions. They asked about temples and how they play in the plan of salvation. It was really great because they should be getting their limited temple recommend this next week. On Sunday we taught another recent convert lesson with the Faalafi family. We had one of the YSA members lead the discussion. It was on commandments and what they are and how obedience to commandments is how we receive blessings. We read D&C 130:18-22 which was really good explaining that when we are blessed it is because we were obedient to the commandments and that certain commandments give certain blessings. I am very grateful for the commandments. I do not for sure where I would be if i did not keep the commandments but I do know that I would not be as happy as I am now. Be grateful for the commandments because they bless us if we are obedient to them. Thank yous for the support. Have a great week.

Elder Kaas
Dear mum and dad,

This past week was all goods. It was really cool to have the conference with Elder Ardern. Sounds like dad's voli team is doing well. Sounds like they are going to do better than the boys team. I remember dad telling me that this year would be good for his team back in my 12th year. Glad all the hard work paying off. Also sounds like mum is having a hectic as time at her job. Keep working hard I know you'll do great. Thanks for the support.

Alofa atu,

Elder Kaas


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