August 19, 2018


Oatlands, Australia


Elder Hang

Elder Kaas-Australia-Week 50

This past week was all goods. On Monday for p day we played voli at a chapel. On Tuesday we got to go the youth centre and play voli. That was fun as. On Thursday we had interviews with President Runia our new mission president. It went really well. He and his wife are very loving and care for us. The interview was very good and the spirit was strong as. Then for lunch on Thursday we went to a buffet with our recent converts. It was good as, there was heaps of food. We also got to teach them another recent convert lesson. They are preparing to get their temple recommends. Friday we visited Asia our investigator and taught her about prayer. It went well and she committed to praying for help when she needs it. On Sunday we had ward council and it went well. We have a lot of people in the area who we can work with and try to bring back to church. We also got to teach another recent convert lesson with the Faalafi family. Thank yous all for the support and hope all those who were near the fires are safe.

Elder Kaas

Dear mum and dad,

The past week was really good. We have a new bishopric and things are really picking up now. The new bishopric is really helpful. The second counselor was the high council man in the Samoan ward in the stake. He is very helpful, we had a MCM meeting with him on Wednesday. We didn't have a ward mission leader at that moment because he was released the Sunday before. But at the meeting he said of we every need Any help just to call him. We got to give him names to take to the temple for the prayer circle because he goes every Saturday. I am very grateful for this new bishopric. So I have been out a year since my MTC report date but when i had my interview with President my date that I leave is next year August 21st. The past year has probably been the best year of my life. For all the down moments that happen the few happy ones triumph over them. They say once you got your year mark it goes by quick as. The past 3 transfers in this area have felt quicker than just the 2 transfers in my last area. It's probably going to feel a lot faster.

Happy 21st Anniversary. Thanks for being such great parents and teaching us 3 kids many good things. I know that if it weren't for yous i may not be where I am today. Yous are the best parents I could have asked for and I am sorry for falling short sometimes and disappointing yous. When I think of what parents I want to be I think of the both of yous. Thanks for the great example yous set for us.

Alofa atu,

Elder Kaas

P.S. hopefully yous didn't have to fun of an anniversary that I have a new brother or sister when I get back


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