August 12, 2018


Oatlands, Australia


Elder Hang

Elder Kaas-Australia-Week 49

The past week was good as. On Tuesday we had transfers. I got a new companion and flat mates. My companion is now Elder Jang. He is from South Korea and this is his last transfer. The other elders in the flat are Elder Afa from Samoa and Elder Teikauea from Tuvalu. They are all really good and we all get along. On Tuesday we got to go to the youth centre and play volleyball with some youth and their friends. That was fun. On Wednesday I showed the other elders what buses take them to certain areas because neither one of them are certified to drive. We did some good finding that day. On Thursday we had a mission conference in Quakers hill. It was a good conference. It was really good to meet the other missionaries from the north side. But now after transfers heaps of missionaries went from the south side to north and vice versa. On Friday we did footy finding. Then at night we had dinner with Silipa and he invited his old neighbors who are from Nigeria. They are a young couple and have a baby. We introduced then to the book of Mormon and they committed to reading the introduction. Our recent converts got back from Melbourne this week so we were able to continue the recent convert lessons with them. Then after church we had a cottage meeting at the elders quorum presidents house. It was good as there was a fire and heaps food. Our recent converts came and so did a few less actives. I heard there's been fires around lake Elsinore. Hope everyone is staying safe. Thanks for the support and have a great week.

Elder Kaas
Dear mum and dad,

Sorry this is a later than usual we did some shopping. My new soa is good. We get along well. This is his last transfer so I will get a new soa next transfer and possibly a new area. He is 27 years old and is from South Korea. His name is Elder Hang. Elder Teikauea from Tuvalu is in our flat. He has a good tooth which looks skux as. He said it's cheap in the islands and it doesn't hurt that much. 🤣 I told him I may think about getting one😁. I'm sure yous would be keen to see me with a gold tooth. I talked to grandma she said fire was close to their house and the school she teaches at. Glad they are safe. Hope yous have a great week at school and stay safe.

Alofa atu,

Elder Kaas


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