July 29, 2018


Oatlands, Australia


Elder Mafi Vili

Elder Kaas-Australia-Week 47

This past week was a little hectic as some of yous may have heard. On Monday this past week an elder passed away. I didn't hear many details about how it happened I just heard they were at the bluffs and there was an accident. Sadly, accidents do happen. This elder was my MTC district leader and we were in the same flat in the MTG. He was really good and always cared for those around him. Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to serve around him after that. He was a great man and it was sad to hear but death is not the end of all things. I know he is in the spirit world teaching others like he was in this life. Death can be sad but when one had the knowledge of the plan of salvation you know that death is actually good and helps us progress towards our divine nature. So it is sad too lose this elder but be happy that he is closer to our heavenly father now. If yous have any questions about the plan of salvation or something else find a LDS missionary or a member of the church and they can help.

On Tuesday we got to play volleyball at a youth centre which was fun. There were member youth with their nonmember friends who we got to talk to and have fun with there. On Wednesday we gave a blessing to our investigator Nagula who injured her shoulder. After the blessing she was very happy and felt very humbled. It was a really good experience. On Thursday night we went as did visits with brother burgess. We got to visit a good amount of people and invite them to church. On Friday we got to play volleyball again at the Samoan ward missionary activity. All missionaries from the stake brought less actives, and investigators and we played volleyball and other sports. Sunday we had church which was really good. Our ward is now focusing on the importance of the sacrament. Every week during sacrament I always reflect on the week and see how I can improve. I check every week if I have been improving or staying the same. I feel like doing this really makes the sacrament meaningful. Thanks for all the support and hope yous have a great week.

Elder Kaas


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