May 6, 2018


Oatlands, Australia


Elder Mafi Vili

Elder Kaas-Australia-Week 35

This past week was all good. Did lots of work spiritually and physically. This past week we really worked with less actives. We were able to get 3 different less actives to come to church this week. One was sister Loketi an older Tongan lady who we call Auntie Silia. The second was Salah who is from Iran and was baptized 3 years ago. Then the third one was Evan who is 13. It was really great to see them all at church. We also found a less active family in our area who are coming back to church now. They are the Teu family. We got to do heaps of footy finding this week. It was heaps fun. We get to talk to people and they aren't afraid of us because we just played footy with them. There are also a few NRL players that are LDS and we mention their names and the people have huge respect for them. On Saturday we had a stake activity where we invited heaps of less actives and recent converts. It was a good activity, we played sport and had a BBQ. I am really loving it in this area. thanks for all the support. Hope yous all have a great week.

Elder Kaas

Letter to Mum and Dad

Dear mum and dad,
This past week was good. Hope you got to see all the photos on Facebook Silipa and Sister Loketi sent to yous. The activity that the stake put on was heaps of fun. I got to play some volleyball with some of the youth from the Samoan Ward. I feel like the Lord is fully aware of my love for sport and is giving me opportunities now to find through sport. It definitely is a good way for me to do missionary work. After footy finding my companion and I get to talk to people and often get to talk about the church. We have a few potentials from it. (Mom asked Hayden what his best advice to prepare for a mission now that he is on one for his siblings and this was his advice...) Everyone needs the Savior the same amount, and the best way to prepare is to have the Rock of our Redeemer like it says in Heleman 5:12. Because it is a sure foundation, whereon if men build they cannot fall. Madden and Chloe need to read the book of mormon for themselves and ask if it is true and have their own testimony. The year I learned about the book of mormon in seminary was the best year of seminary for me. Make sure when that year comes for them that they really pay attention and learn. I hope that helps. Also read D and C 4. thanks for the support love yous have a great week.

Elder Kaas


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