January 7, 2018


Cowra, Australia


Elder Hirst

Australia Week 18

This past week was all good. On Monday we had P- day and just did the usual things. Then Tuesday and Wednesday we did trade offs with the Elders from Bathurst. It was really good! On Thursday we had dinner at Rod's and told him that this was the last week of transfers and he wanted to call President Bingham and ask him if I can stay in Cowra. I guess we should have let him do it because Sunday morning we were informed (via text from our zone leaders) that I am going to be leaving Cowra this next transfer . We head out to Sydney at 3pm today, it is about a 3 hour drive and stay at our APs flat. Tuesday morning I will I find out where I will be going next transfer. I really love it here and wish I could be here as long as possible. I am very sad that I am leaving I have really learned to love the members and the people but I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else now. A lot of the members were sad to see me leave and while it is sad having to go, I know everything will be all good in the end. I think a few people tried messaging mum on Facebook. Sounds like Mexico was really fun. Glad Grandpa and Grandma got to come. I hope all of yous had a great new year. Thanks for the support.

PS-people in the pictures-The man by the chapel is Tony a member of our branch. The old guy frowning is Rod the Rabbi. The family holding the kid up is the Paki's (he is our Branch President-like our Bishop) and the family that I am taller than all of them is the Sullivans (District President-like a Stake President). Imajen (girl) is our convert that was baptized.


Elder Kaas​

Facebook Message sent to "Mum" from President Paki-

Hi Sister Kaas, I thought id just send you a quick message to let you know about your son's sacrament talk yesterday.
His topic was on setting goals. He shared some personal experiences and also of your husbands goal of an iron man triathlon.
There was one thing that he shared that was very profound-
"Sometimes when we dont achieve our goal, we still improve".
May you be blessed as your son serves.
You have done well in helping him develop his faith.
President Paki. Cowra Branch


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